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Spitfirepalooza: an Old Addition

Here’s one I did some years ago, the notorious Hasegawa Spitfire Mk. IX. I remember it being a typically good Hasegawa kit. The short nose is obvious and a bit distracting for me. Fortunately, the Eduard Spitfires have come along o give us a good Mk. IX.

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9 responses to Spitfirepalooza: an Old Addition

  1. I think it’s a long nose and a short rear fuselage, or is it the reverse? I always sort of felt sorry for Hasegawa with this kit, because they went along with drawings from a very high-class source (which I can’t remember at the moment, but it was a series of heavy paper/quality photos airplane books done in Japan), and by the drawings in there, this kit is “on the money.”So, do your homework, take your information from what seems to be the best source, and still come up short – how frustrating!

    However, regardless of all that, you have definitely made a very nice model out of the mishmash.

  2. Looks great anyway, Scott!
    Excellent build!

  3. Absolutely nice looking Spitfire, Scott.
    Paintwork is well done.

  4. Hi Scott. Your model looks fine to me & I guess all mine (four) would be built OOB too except that I read all the comments when the kit came out first. Nevertheless I decided to have a go at corrections by adding a bit to the rear fuselage, lengthening the nose & shortening the spinner. Did it make any difference? Not unless you compare it directly with another model such as the lovely Eduard offering. Hase’s mouldings are lovely & sharp, fit is excellent, wings are the right planform, it goes together beautifully & I’ve still got one in my stash which I intend to build. Incidentally it also converts quite well in to a Mk.Vc with a little bit of work as the wings are OK. So I’m thankful to Hasegawa,; in my opinion they did a fine job until Eduard came along & I still enjoy my Hasegawa builds, just as I have enjoyed your build, so thanks for posting!

  5. It looks like a Spitfire to me, so it can’t be that far off. Beautiful model Scott, in every detail.
    Tony opinion is pretty much mine, sometimes we get “intoxicated” by some rivet counter review on issues that are mere mms or shapes that can be solved with some modelling skills, and we set aside those kits. Well your Spit here proves us silly

  6. Nice model, Scott. I built the Mk. VII version of this kit and am happy with mine as well.

  7. It looks fine, great job! If you want to rivet count, there’s always the old Monogram Mk IX, talk about rivets, and the gear retracted too.

  8. I agree. It looks like a Spitfire, and a very nicely built one at that.

  9. Very nicely done! A lovely Spit as any.

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