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The end: “Sleepytimegal. “

This brings us to the end of building this 1/24 scale P-51D conversion to the P-51B model.

I recall drawing the name of “SLEEPYTIMEGAL” on a piece of artist “Frisket” film, then cutting the name out and then applying the film to the model and airbrushing on the name which turned out looking just like the real name on my photo of the real P-51B Mustang.

Looking back some 25 years, I must have enjoyed building this model ’cause every time I look at the model photo’s I’m overjoyed and pat myself on the back for being able to do what I did as it was what I call: “A SECOND TIMER.” My 1st. timer at this kind of modeling was on my 1/32 scale Revell Corsair,,,,,,,,,so just enjoy the photos.


14 additional images. Click to enlarge.

7 responses to The end: “Sleepytimegal. “

  1. It’s a work of art, Rodney. Just beautiful.

  2. Hi BOB!
    Thanks for you comment. I got a nasty letter from my client cause “HE” though I “over-weather” his model. Then his 2nd negative remark was: “I don’t like you using Elmers White Glue when you attached the landing gear struts. I told him this: To aline the gear struts, I use white glue in the sockets as I can move the gears left/right/forward & backwards and when I get them perfect, I let the glue dry.

    I offered to buy the model back, but he decline and he never wrote to me again, but he owns two of the best models that I ever built.

  3. A real work of art, Rodney.
    Nothing else to say, everything on this build looks fantastic.

  4. Rodney: People who have that kind of discretionary income, can be difficult. Afterall, his surly attitude is probably how he made his money in the first place. Not many ordinary people can afford to spend $10K on a model airplane, so he is arguably not among the common folk, like the rest of us. In the event, he got his model, and you made some good money in the deal.
    The big P-51B looks gorgeous to me, but then what do I know…I don’t have $10K to play with!

    Great work, Rodney. We miss you in IPMS Region 9!

  5. Another work of art, Rodney!
    As for the client, well, clients can become a handful!
    A great Greek Aviation painter and good friend of mine had a handful of time when one of his “friends” asked him a specific aircraft painting, as a commision build.
    Friends almost became enemies! (I bet you know such stories!).
    Thanks for sharing this extraordinary perfect work with us.

    • Hi guys:

      Remember……this was before someone invented the “Internet” so all conversation’s were in phone “mode” and/or letter writing. This guy was a retired jet pilot for Northwest Airlines. In 1992 I went up from San Jose, Ca to Seattle, WA to the annual IPMS/USA National Contest and was invited to stay at his house. He and his lovely wife came to the contest every day. I had his model, which was not finished on display at the show. WE all had a good time!!

      Why he got “jerked-off” at me is still a mystery! We both got into “Emailing” one another until my computer crashed in late 1996. We never got back together when I got a new system as I had no one’s email.

      From then on, I never told my clients that I used any “white glue!”

      Now where is my Fabulous P-80 Shooting Star?


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