F-5E Tiger II Swiss Air Force

October 18, 2020 · in Aviation · · 6 Comments
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  2. F-5E Tiger II Swiss Air Force

Just finished the F-5E Tiger II in the colors of the squadron 11 based at that time in Dübendorf/Switzerland. Orange fuel tank and armed with two Sidewinders.

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6 responses

  1. Hmmm... I guess if our cops can run around in MRAPs it's not that strange that yours have their own air force. 🙂

    Nice work on this!

  2. Your build clearly shows the beauty of this airplane, Martin.
    Enjoyed watching this plane when we had them still in service.
    Luckily Patrouille de Suisse still uses them on airshows, like on Volkel 2019.

  3. Looks great! The F-5 always looks sleek in the Swiss livery.

  4. Great model, Martin!
    Looks lovely in those Swiss markings!

  5. Nice work, Martin. What kit is it?
    The F-5 & F-20...the sexiest aircraft on the planet.

  6. Thank you Bob! It is the Revell Kit.

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