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Pavla 1/72 Fieseler Fi-167

October 6, 2020 · in Aviation · · 21 · 3.5K

I've always love the look of this aircraft, and when I saw a kit a few years ago I snatched it up. There were only about a dozen or so Fi-167's built. This was the first Pavla kit I've built (though I've got several more in the stash), and it was interesting...

Panel lines were really gnarly - I tried my best to clean them up, but up close you can see how jagged they are. There were no locating pins - just a few stray marks designed to help locate parts. It did come with some nice PE to help - exhaust grills, steps on the spats, aileron braces, intake grill, spat and tail braces, tail hook, and the central bomb/torpedo rack. The vac-formed canopy didn't quite fit - it took a little creativity to seat it somewhat properly. And the rigging... 24 runs not including the aerial!

I attached the wing struts, then did the rigged the 20 runs exclusive of those that connect to the cabane struts, then attached the upper wing, then the cabane struts, then the final 4 runs. Once I set the upper wing, I actually had to create an extension of one of the wing struts and use a bit of CA to fill one or two other gaps. Same with one of the cabane struts. Stretched sprue for the rigging spreaders. Uschi Line for the rigging.

It was hard to make out from photos what the actual scheme was, so I went with a few color reference diagrams I found online of a naval 3-tone upper camo scheme, which I think adds more interest to the usual splinter camo. I then attempted for the first time to do some "salt weathering," but I ran into two problems. First, even though heavily coated with Tamiya Dull Coat, the water beaded up when I tried to dampen the surfaces, causing larger clumps of salt that I was going for. And then either my light gray and white paint wasn't diluted enough (two separate passes), or I just couldn't tell how much was going down and laid on too much paint. I didn't really end up with the "weathering" look I was going for, but more of a modification of the camo pattern. In the end, I like the look, though it's probably somewhat fictional!

Weathered with the usual (pastel chalks, AK pencils, Tamiya Weathering Masters).

I added crew (in fact - Pavla resin pilots), but that was almost the only addition that wasn't in the box. Although I did no scratch building on this one, the time to clean up the kit and do the rigging made this a pretty long build. I'm really happy to have this unique bird in my collection.

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  1. What an absolute kick a22 contraption, Greg! Never seen it as a model before so it is great to see it in the flesh. You did a great job rigging it. Lot of what-if potential in this design for playing around with. It is hard to understand how many designs the Germans had going for a fairly short time span.

  2. Never seen that particular Fieseler before. You really went all out on this one and it shows! “Unique” is the word. Excellent!

  3. All your trouble really paid off in the end - looking great, and coming to think og the scale it is looking really great. Well done! Bravo!

  4. Nice work on this Greg. I really like these oddball aircraft. This plane reportedly had fantastic low speed characteristics and with Gerhard Fieseler piloting this plane sank from 9,800 ft. to an altitude of 100 ft. while remaining continuously over one spot! (source: Warplanes of the Third Reich)

    • Dale, @dtravis

      I just read this fact a few weeks ago too ! I was browsing through my copy of this excellent book, and was checking out the "not so ordinary" Luftwaffe machines... when I stumbled across it.

  5. I like it! Very unique looking a/c... But I can't leave a comment without lauding the paintwork and the RIGGING in 1/72...! I really like the pattern you left on the upper surfaces, it helps to make it look a scale above (1/48). Well done Greg!

  6. That is one sleek looking bi-plane Greg, seems like a mix of Junkers and Fieseler on the nose and spats. Super rare bird, didn't even know there was a kit of it in any scale. You stuck with it and typical Kittinger style in flight. Really one of the nicest shaped bi-planes I have seen. Excellent model. Thanks for sharing.

  7. That one's up there on the Oddest Balls list. Really great work. Pavla kits - as you have discovered - are no "walk in the park" and you have done some really nice work here with this and gotten a great result.

  8. A great job with that kit!

  9. Very nice job.
    I am just sweating to think how much rigging you had to do for a II world plane, that's a whole new level for me. Some day I will check a Pavla kit .
    I have seen that this model is now SOLD OUT!

  10. Looks great Greg !

  11. Really nice work, one I can't recall seeing before. I love your paint and presentation! Nicely done!

  12. That’s really crisp, Greg! Nice work on an interesting subject.

  13. Nicely done, Greg! great work on the rigging and scheme.

  14. Greg, @gkittinger
    This is one that you don't see built up every day... When I saw the "signature" custom display stand, I knew right away who posted this article. This is an excellent build in all aspects. It also happens to be the very first one of this type that I have ever seen built...

    The painting of the crew, and especially the rigging in this small scale are impressive by themselves. You hit a home run in all aspects with this one my friend ! I like everything about it.

    Well done buddy... I pressed the liked button too.

  15. Looks like a Stuka mated with a Swordfish!

  16. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    A very striking build every which way one see's it Greg. The rigging is very well done as well
    as the painting.

  17. Fantastic build, Greg.
    Although not the weathering you were going for, I do agree that the weathering came out pretty nice.
    Fantastic build and it does look more like a 1/48 scale.

  18. Let me echo all above gents comments, Greg @gkittinger!
    What a fantastic build of this beautiful and very unique plane.
    Congratulations on tackling the "not a walk in the park" Pavla kit!

  19. @gkittinger Wow you got my attention with this one, Greg! Never seen it before, and you did a great job with it. Very nice!

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