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Pink Pig Porsche

2018 was Porsche’s 70th anniversary and part of their celebrations was to apply two of their past liveries to the latest 911 RSR machines, namely the blue and white Rothmans scheme and the subject of this model the Pink Pig. The scheme the butchers joints of a pig carcass and was originally applied to a 1971 Porsche 917 entered in that year’s Le Mans 24 hour race.

I discovered the kit by accident while searching for something else. It is a mixed media, limited run model, 1/24 scale, with no manufacturer’s name anywhere on the box, the instructions or on the resin moldings, presumably for licensing or copyright reasons.

Anyway it went together without any great problems and I used Tamiya’s pink spray can for the colour which seemed like a reasonable match. The decals are an important part of this car and help to set it off nicely, I think. Hope you like it.

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23 responses to Pink Pig Porsche

  1. Very interesting scheme. I like it

  2. Amazing build and a rare scheme, George.
    We like! We like!

  3. Definitely a rare medium-rare scheme! I like this a lot.

  4. A porcine Porche. What a great paint scheme.

  5. Hey George,,, I have to like this model as we gotta be related. Williams name comes from WALES which is part of the British Island’s. Seems like there is no decal silvering, so you did a great job on this model. I got a “Pink” Ford and a pink jet airplane……Very nice color.

    • Hi Rodney, Williams is a very common family name in the UK, especially in Wales and south west England. My father’s side of the family was originally Welsh. Not sure if we’re related though……… thanks for looking at the model, much appreciated.

  6. LOL Love it! I saw a diecast of one and thought it was very cool

  7. Absolutely a like.
    Very funny scheme.

  8. I remember years ago on Speedvision (MISS IT!) Alain DeCadenet brought up the Pink Pig in the Porsche episode of Victory By Design. (If he didn’t in fact drive it on the show. I can’t quite remember! He did drive a 917 amongst others on the show though.)

  9. Interesting subject George, nicely done.

  10. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    This is really a very intense eye catching livery.
    Nice clean and sharp work George.

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