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S2b buccaneer 1/48 airfix

18 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Another excellent job, Τάσο, out of a challenging kit that has a reputation of being among the difficult ones!
    Fantastic painting and weathering!

  2. I agree with Spiros , you made a great job on this ,, but I have to say I built this kit years ago and its reputation for problems is unfounded ,it was pretty straight forward , I would definately do another if I could find one that is...

    • Thanks for this info, Neil @neil-foster! Glad to hear that it builds straightforwardly! I got one in my stash, lucky to have discovered it resting for years at my (now closed) beloved hobby shop, at about 2005, at the usual ridiculus price of 20 Euros. It was the 1996 all black release and looks absolutely tempting in the box. Cannot wait to build it!

  3. Great looking machine

  4. That's a great looking Buccaneer in a nice scheme, Tzigkounakis.
    Perfect painting and weathering.

  5. I can't comment on the difficulty or otherwise of the build, but the weathered finish is marvelous. You've done a good job with the photographs, too, a model of this size is difficult to capture successfully.

  6. Sweet looking model. Weathering looks great.

  7. I love your paintwork on this. A very cool result.

  8. Well done! You have done a marvelous weathering on this great looking model. Thanks for having a look!

  9. Very nice rendition of the Desert Pink scheme - looks fantastic! Well done.

  10. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Tzigkounakis ... you have done a wonderful job on this model.
    The painting and your light weathering are a pure joy to see and appreciate.

  11. beautiful and inspiring - great work!

  12. Thank you very much for the comments.I am glad you like it

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