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Spitfire Mk VB Airfix 1970+ 1/72

Hi to all
after many years in stash...finished.
Old VB, upgraded as much as my nerves allowed, engraving, some cockpit details, added mirror according to documented pictures of Zumbach plane, high located on two support bars.
Colors Hataka acrylics,weathering all what was available around me.
Decals more than 30 years old worked perfectly!
I hope that all efforts in this project worth. I also hope you will like it regards to all

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  1. Great work ! Especially considering it’s small size.

  2. I have built this old kit and made all of the refinements as well. This is still one of the most accurate in shape and dimension MkV Spitfire there is. Very nice build. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Nicely done,great job!

  4. This is an excellent job, Djordje!
    Even more so as it is the old, basic Airfix kit.
    I just love to tackle old kits and I even more love to see them finished, especially at such a quality level.

  5. Man, I can remember when this thing came out around 1972, and I thought it was just the best thing ever (which it was at the time - the first Spitfire kit with the correct lower fuselage/wing curves). You've managed to make it look like I wanted it to look (but didn't manage). Very nice!

  6. Very nice, Djordje.
    You made it look great in this 1/72 scale.

  7. Thank you all for nice words.
    Lot of memories connected with this build, as same for many of you i build this model many times first when i was 10years old, than to this one.
    Now i am much older but joy and happiness during building this model...simply did not changed.
    Best regards

  8. a beautiful build! Very nice paint and finish work, and all the details paid off. Well done.

  9. Nicely done Djordje, looks good.

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