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The “V” weapons of Nazi Germany. V1

As time elapses and moves into he future mercilessly, the various preservation efforts Of the artefacts of War in France, Belgium And the Netherlands seek to remind us that even though the machinery and Weapons May look cool they were in fact the tools of political struggle we best not forget. Its possible that over time We will look at these times romantically like, let’s say , the Napoleonic Wars and see it as a great adventure.

Today I wanted to show you the V1 or Vergeltungs waffen number 1 of Hitler.

He sought to bring the allies to the negotiating table by bombing the hell out of them !

The following photos were taken at Wizernes’ La coupolle and Eperlecques in what is now French Flanders. Both sites were designed to launch the V2 but they have the V1 there as well As part of the education effort. la Coupole is a space exploration education centre museum as well.

The V1 was the charge of the Wehrmacht and here are a few of them.

18 additional images. Click to enlarge.

12 responses

  1. I'm glad to see this stuff being preserved "in context" because sadly the news from your part of the world is that there are indeed people with short memories. Thanks for this.

  2. What a great presentation, Bernard @bernardbedeur!
    Those were hard times and your article tells exactly this!

  3. Interesting photos, thanks for sharing them.

  4. Thank you Robert. Impressive sites they are.

  5. Been there ...real interesting place ,walking thru the tunnel at la Coupole and hearing the air raid siren/war sounds/

  6. Hallo Maarten.
    Yes. Fantastic to say the least. Yet, so real by way of artefact. Imagine our parents living through these times.
    Thank you for commenting.

  7. Very nice article, lest we forget. It’s a reminder of how technology was advanced at the cost of so much destruction, and human life. Since my first trip to Europe in ‘04 and subsequent trips over the years, the documentation and display of historic places has grown by leaps and bounds. Add this one to a future trip. Thanks for posting.


    • Hi Jim.
      Thank you for your comment.
      When you’re in that area there are a few more sites on this subject to see.
      Mimoyecques ( v3) and the Todd bunker near Boulogne.
      All super interesting places in a beautiful part of The world.
      Happy returns to modeling. It feels good to do this craft!
      Have a great and safe thanksgiving

  8. Bernard, Thanks for sharing. I'm always intrigued seeing these remains.

  9. Hi Terry . Indeed what used to be fenced off or off limits are now museums for the most part.
    A lot was lost but these remains are to be seen. Often too large to be demolished was what saved them.
    Thank you for comenting.

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