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Making a simple turnable for your models.

December 22, 2020 · in How-to · 14 Comments

In all the trials and errors, ways and means of modelling. One has to find Methods to be be able to stabilise your kits for paint, rigging, decals etc. And spin them around w.o. touching the plastic.

I had a set up up that worked OK but with different models making it off and on the beach I made an upgrade that I wanted to share with the ones new to this field, like me.

I had a 6 inch turntable from a cancelled job and materials galore, so w.o. Buying made product I have now something that can handle large and small kits at little cost.

There are smaller and larger turntables available and I may make another one for really small kits but this works great and Is easily converted.

Do Consider your work height and particular set up in your space, this in selecting what to attach your rotating device to.

Enjoy, stay safe . Lots of time on our hands For creativity.

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14 responses

  1. Nice idea - thank you for sharing!

  2. Indeed! Easy and quite smart... and ecofriendly also. Btw nice looking Orion there

  3. Not bad! I'm using an old TV stand (bought two in an auction cheap a small 20cm and a bigger 35cm diameter one).

    • That’s cool Gabor. There’s is so much waste. Re-purposing objects makes total sense. Metal and wood are Noble materials to me.
      Safe holidays and a happy 20121.
      Thanks for the comment .

  4. You are a inventor, aren't you, Bernard!Nice idea, improvising upon existing materials. I love it!
    P.S. I love the Orion, too!

    • Hi Spiros. I still Change things around . When trying to keep things clean One sees where to improve upon. I don’t have that much space and it’s above table height.
      Recently I scrounged a new stool and footrest. For working off of this rotator I stand up. That works better on my back as well.
      Thanks for appreciating.
      Safe hollydays.

  5. That is a clever idean, Bernard.
    Always struggling to turn my models around.
    I really like this idea.

  6. Hi John. Same here. A tall block, with an as small as possible foot print works well. It affects your work height however. It seems each model requires a different posture of the body. Reducing Arm and shoulder strain was a motivator For me as well.
    Thank you for the comment.
    Gelukkig nieuwjaar.

  7. Hello Robert.
    This has really changed how I CAN work on this wonderful craft.
    Happy end of years fun times modeling at home !
    Stay well
    Thanks for appreciating .

  8. I made one similar 15 years ago.

    I agree with Bernard that it makes handling, painting, weathering a lot easier. My version has a 6"X6" working area so it can sit anything up to a 1/48 scale twin engine bomber, jet fighter or 1/72 4 engine bomber. Anything larger, forget it.

  9. Hi Dan.
    Necessity is the Mother of invention !
    In the future I may build a small Collapsible spray booth That I can set up and take down. Storage space is always an issue...
    Your models look great !
    Happy and safe holidays
    Thank you for your comment

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