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Trials and tribulations of 2020

2020 is clear vision. So, don’t look to close at the 3 models I was able to complete this year !

Lessons learned in modeling as a new beginner on this awesome Supportive website.

Keep the box you kit came in and look at the box art Often.

Clean your parts. Some plastics will not let paint stick very well on them w.o. Doing this.

Use this box And lid to keep your sub assemblies dust free when not working on them.

( Hard to do in California with all the dust in the air.)

Learn how to use your paints and materials. Experiment on your lesser kits.

( That said, I am serious about making a dedicated and portable spray booth.)

The 2 planes are gritty and had lots of paint problems but the acrylics allow lots of touch up possibilities ! The Defiance ship was better in quality and for an old kit a very nice one indeed.

Procedures reveal themselves with experience gathered. It’s the light that shines on the path already traveled as the Chinese proverb says.

Don’t give up and move on .

Happy 2121 to all.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

8 responses

  1. Congratulations, Bernard!
    Those were lovely builds!
    Keep it up and Happy New Year!

  2. Nice work there, Bernard. The floaty thing looks good!

  3. Remember, the important thing is to enjoy your hobby, and it looks as though you've enjoyed building these. Be careful of paying too much attention to the box art, the contents of the box often vary from it, especially if it's a Trumpeter kit... Have a good 2021.

    • Hi George. Thank you for your comment,
      I did enjoy the completion of these models even though at times I wondered about continuing with this hobby! All in all, the problem solving part is what kept me going and will so for as long as time permits.
      Like you mention, some kit manufacturers do not follow suit in their kit versions at all. I’m still used to the old school of excellence across the board.
      Happy New Year.

  4. Hi Bernard …

    Was just looking at your models on this post… they all turned out great. The Italian bomber looks awesome… great job on the painting. Also the USS Defiance looks super. I remember building that kit back in the mid 1970s. Mine turned out nowhere near as well as yours !

    ( sorry for the late comment, just a few months late)

  5. Hi Jay.
    Thanks for appreciating the Covid Era models I made during this time !
    I have become more timid to post lately amongst all the incredible work shown here by others at Imodeler. Then again this site is very welcoming to all.
    I’m working on a few kits right now but not always making progress.
    My interest are much like yours, WW2.
    Para troop planes and the battle of the Atlantic. That will keep me busy for ever !
    Thanks again.

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