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Hasegawa 1/48 P-47D-25 "Coffey's Pot"

January 29, 2021 · in Aviation · · 28 · 2.3K

Here's my -25 "Coffey's Pot" aircraft flown by Lt. Col Robert Coffey with the 365th Fighter Group, "The Hell Hawks" during D-Day Operations over Normandy. The kit has some inaccuracies as stated by Tom Cleaver in his Off the Sod article on his Hasegawa P-47.

For upgrades I used the Ultracast P-47 wheels which are excellent as well as the Quickboost landing gear covers and doors, intercooler and oil cooler inserts and Master P-47D gun barrels. The pictures of Coffey's Pot show it had a Hamilton Standard 4 Blade propeller and 108 Gallon drop tank on the centerline mount. The kit only includes the Curtiss electric props (standard and paddle blade) but no 108 gallon drop tank so I pinched a Hamilton Standard Prop and drop tank from my Tamiya P47D Razorback kit in order to get these parts. One word about the Quickboost intercooler and oil cooler inserts. Frankly, I was disappointed with my purchase of these parts not because of the actual parts which are fine but I couldn't see them once I added them to the kit! In the future I won't use them.

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  1. Fantastic model! Love the stripes keep up the great work

  2. David,

    Some strong work in the paint dept and panel lines all come together to make for some real eye candy. As for the Quick Boost purchases you can rest easy knowing that the correct details and craftsmanship was applied through out your build and the next time you make a Jug and open a panel on the cowling you have viable option in getting. I've fallen down that rabbit hole a lot too.

    I get a kick out seeing this build. The word "Best" and "Most" accurate often pop up on modeling forms and it applies to when the kit was a critter of its time and was at the top of the heap. Right now in the exoteric world of aircraft modeling the Tamiya P-47 is supposed to be number one. With hopes of Eduard or someone else reinventing the kit to a higher standard. On the other hand one can buy some after market, do some great assembly, paint and decals and do a Hasegawa kit and those words become relative terms. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your build is a real beauty.

    Two thumbs up.

    Looking forward to seeing your next adventure in modeling.

    • Much appreciated Stephen,

      I was pleased with the results. I have a Tamiya P-15B in build logs I am doing if you wish to check that out.

      Thanks again.

  3. I really like your paintwork on this, since the result is very realistic as regards what a NMF airplane would look like in that service situation. And the result proves that it's the modeler not the kit that determines whether the result is outstanding or not.

    • Thanks Tom. I agree the modeler can make the difference on a kit that might not be the most accurate. For NMF I wanted to try and achieve a dulled down effect that a lot of these aircraft would have being in action.


  4. Your Thunderbolt looks wonderful, David!
    The NMF and weathering are superb.

  5. That's an outstanding Thunderbolt! Great NMF work.

  6. Outstanding work on this mighty P47, David.
    As mentioned by the other gentlemen, the paintwork is superb.
    I like the various tones of aluminum you used.

  7. Beautifully done, David! Love your paint work.

  8. David, your Hell Hawk is exceptionally painted and weathered, congratulations!

  9. Great looking jug. I think you nailed the NMF and weathering.

    • Thanks Haslam. It turned out okay. I tried a few different types of weathering techniques like a sludge wash and Tamiya Smoke not really being sure what the result would be but it came out okay.

  10. Very nice looking "jug" (sorry, but I can't help grinning when I use that word, at my age I should know better) the NMF is very convincing and you've photographed it very well, definitely liked.

    • No worries George. Most of here can relate to the term. It was after all called the jug by the pilots who flew it as it looked like a milk jug.

  11. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    A real looker job David, those stripes gives the model a very distinguished look.
    Nice work on the different metal shades, as well as your touch of the subtle weathering.

  12. Well done. Nicely weathered, oxidized finish.

  13. D4 and John,

    Thank you for your comments. I enjoyed building this kit and look forward to building the Tamiya version and the Tamiya razorbacks.

  14. Great looking 'bolt. Really like how the multi-colored prop hub and the extra effort with the gun barrels turned out, along with the fantastic NMF and markings.

    • Thanks Doug. The NMF came out okay. One thing I forgot to mention. I added fuse/ignition wires to the bombs and ran the wires on the outside of the bomb fins. Apparently, this is incorrect. They are suppose go from the fuse on the front to the rear but through the bomb fin to the rear fuse.

  15. super real life finish to your paint work David I've got to agree with tom above

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