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Heavy Construction Container Transport Diorama

Ok guys! Here are photos of the diorama I had been working on. I am still trying to add a detail here and there. I am also trying to order some better looking figures than the ones I have on hand, whose details are not the best. But the ones I have on hand will have to do until I get some better ones. I do not want to clutter the area with too much, as it will look too cumbersome. Also, the scene doesn’t really require many things to be everywhere, in most real world scenarios.

The theme of this diorama is simple. The heavy forklift is pushing a front loader, whose part as been disassembled to be able to fit into a container for transport to a customer in another country. The removed parts will also be placed inside the same container along with another Machine bound for the same destination. That is the basic theme for this diorama.

Hope you guys like it.

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29 responses to Heavy Construction Container Transport Diorama

  1. This is a wonderful diorama, Charles, that I had the pleasure to watch some parts of it in previous postings. It is absolutely realistic, not only because of your excellent bulding, painting and weathering, but also with all those tiny details here and there.
    The figures don’t look out of place, too!

  2. All wonderful, realistic, technically-detailed work. But why is the Hitachi road roller there? Not a complaint, but in this “story” it seems to be a nonsequitur. Perhaps I am missing something? (easily accomplished)

  3. Everything looks used and very realistic. I have one suggestion and it is not a criticism. The sea container needs rust applied around the corner blocks and anywhere the paint has been rubbed off. The containers are made of Corten steel and it is designed to form a type of rust that protects from further rust. I know that sounds stupid but it is true.

  4. A splendid dio again, Charles @tiking I very much like the industrial and naturally weathered look and feel of this setup. Your work is unique in its concept and finishing and yes, always surprising us positively! Well done my friend!

  5. Your theme helps to make the scene even more realistic, it means that all of the items modelled have a reason to be where they are. So many dioramas lack this, and are just of collection of random items placed around the main model which has the starring role.

  6. Amazing detail and well thought out as usual . Top stuff sir 👍👍

  7. I like the way you think in story, and then bring all the “characters” to life, with a character of their own! Great stuff!

  8. Another cool dio! Everything looks authentic, we had those containers all over the transit system in NYC being used for storage.

  9. You nailed it Charles!!
    Right down to the fact that you can rarely get those container doors to swing all the way open to latch them!

  10. You never disappoint Charles. I’m even blown away just by the trash in the dock well! Thanks again for sharing!

  11. Hello Charles,
    As mentioned above, outstanding dio. It all speaks for itself. What I miss in your explanation is what boxes (article numbers) you used from your stash. It could be that little push for other modelers to purchase some of these items. Be aware, I have no modelshop. But I would look up the box numbers on the website.
    But again, you are a master modeler.

    • Hi Dirk. Here u go:

      The kits used are these:

      1.  HITACHI WHEEL LOADER ZW100-6 from Hasegawa. 

      2. Hitachi Vibratory Combined Roller ZC50C-5, also from Hasegawa. 

      3. 2.5T FugBundeswehr Feldumschlaggerat FUG 2.5-Ton Forklift Truck (4 in 1) from Takom. 

      4. The trailer is from the Trumpeter 1:35 US M915 Army Truck w/Container. This trailer has been slightly modified by me, so it will not look 100% like mine straight from the box, but very close. Hope this helps. 

  12. Very impressive work!

  13. As Always ,

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  14. I kitbashed/scratch built a mobile trailer caddy unit for the trailer. Since I am not able to put a tractor in front of the trailer, I thought it would make an interesting eye candy for the viewer and for the scene as a whole. There are different weight variations of these units. I decided to go with one that would almost handle the weight of this trailer in case the the landing legs would give way.

    5 attached images. Click to enlarge.

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