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Sd. Kfz. 9 FAMO Halftrack Dioramas in 1/72 Scale

Here are three dioramas featuring Halftracks in scale. The first is a resin kit with accessories. The figures are mainly from set 72505, augmented with others from one of their Luftwaffe sets. The crew has taken a break for lunch in the shade of a tree. The dog is painted to resemble one of my own.

The next scene is the FAMO towing an Italeri Field Howitzer, both very nice kits. The cargo is mainly Value Gear in the bed and Black Dog tarps on the fenders. Figures are a mix of Preiser and modified artillerymen from the Italeri kit.

Last is the FAMO and transport trailer with a Zvezda . Figures are from the CMK set designed for the FAMO and a few from Caesar. I like the casual poses, particularly the bored guy on the back of the trailer.

Build and comparison of the three FAMO kits is here:

Base construction here:

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  1. Fantastic job on these Braille scales!

  2. Excellent Work on those kits. Each good on their own, but even better when put together in a Dio Display! Really makes for an interesting display.

  3. Very nice build and dio, given the scale super detailing job! Liked!

  4. Wow Jeff those look great, and especially since they are in 1/72 scale. I did a jeep in 1/48 and thought that was tiny. Nicely done.

  5. 1/72 !? I really thought they were of larger scale, great work.

  6. Very nice, I enjoy your diorama work.

  7. I loved the dio, too, Jeff! Quality of your work is simply amazing for the scale!

  8. Thanks guys, much appreciated!

  9. Inspiring work. Lots of realistic detail.
    Thanks for sharing

  10. That looks amazing!
    So much details and outstanding pain job!
    I really like it?

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