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This is a result of down sizing a . The older version of this vignette, was called 'Fire Fight', which was slightly bigger. I am still adding small details to it but it is pretty much done.

20 additional images. Click to enlarge.

20 responses

  1. Excellent! Dioramas are so cool. The attention to detail you've shown here is outstanding. The plastic molded chair for example. The way the one fighter is holding his gun up in the air and shooting around the corner. Truly a nice piece of work. Congratulations.

  2. Another one of your usual AMAZING dioramas, my friend @tiking!
    The more I watch the more great details I discover in your work!
    Once again, congratulations!

  3. What Carl @clipperboat said !
    Love the dynamism and sense of movement in the figures!

  4. I just love the stuff you do.

  5. Great stuff Mr. King, fabulous vignette!

  6. The level of detail is outstanding.

  7. Wonderful. Very, very real. All good. And...the plastic chair is truly a special addition.

  8. It's amazing that with all the detail, poses, and placement of the various parts of this model, it's the plastic chair that gets the most comments, but, somehow, it does make the scene "pop". Definitely liked.

  9. You must have an endless supply of old surplus modeling parts laying about, to keep coming up with these cluttered dios! Amazing as always.

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