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If this is true it’s a bombshell!

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  1. Well spotted Paul!
    Do we know anyone who is going to be there this weekend!

  2. “ The report of my death was an exaggeration” quoting Mark Twain. Wonder if this applies to WnW?

  3. The plot thickens!

  4. David Johnson, Ex-employee says he has no ‘inside info’ ...

    However if you have a yearning for WnW at shop prices (give or take NZ air costs) be ready. If it is a sell off don’t blink! Although there have been stock ‘sell -offs’ in the US, U.K., Japan and Germany there was a lingering doubt about the whereabouts of Albatros BIIs, Hansa-Brandenburg W12s etc which still show as in stock on the website and have not appeared as yet in sell offs.

    On the other hand it may just be a Gotha UWD-fest because they didn’t exactly sell like hot cakes.

    Speculation is fun!

  5. Interesting to see what will happen...

  6. A last sell off sounds plausible, but alas all is speculation UFN

  7. I would be great news

  8. I wonder if the, "Watch this space" could be anything to do with the Lancaster they were planning?

  9. Hmmm...

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