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1/72 M1B1 Abrams MBT

March 1, 2021 · in Armor · · 4 · 2.7K

So there was a proposal to up gun the in the late 70s, add an auto loader, and change the drive train to a diesel. There are a number of images and drawings floating around the web and I decided to build one. So behold, my take on the baddest tank on the block. CATTB turret layout, 140mm cannon w/ auto loader, featuring turret mounted mini-gun, revised power plant w/ generator hanging off the rear-end. It was a fun to design and build. I printed the turret via shapeways and it was designed for the Tiger Model U S Army M1A2 TUSK II ABRAMS.

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  1. Love what I see, Chris!
    A lot of quality work there!

  2. That's some pretty sizzling scratchbuilding.

  3. This is so cool, and 1/72 !?!

  4. Fantastic idea !
    Your M1 looks fantastic!

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