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peterbilt with scratch built grain trailers

peterbilt with scratch built grain trailers

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19 responses to peterbilt with scratch built grain trailers

  1. Very nice! What did you use for the tarps?

  2. Your work is pretty incredible. You and Robert Knaack need to talk and compare notes. Thanks for sharing. Would love to see a Peterbuilt cab over!

  3. Such amazing craftsmanship, Scott.

  4. Impressive work, Scott.

  5. Yes, impressive work – also incredible work. Just superb.

  6. thanks everyone for the nice compliments never really showed any of my models before i build them and get put on a shelf for no one to see

  7. Really amazing work. I drove grain trucks a long time ago. Wonderful subject.

  8. Wow! Not my usual thing, but those scratchbuilt trailers are impressive.

  9. I’m a fan of the semi truck cabs too and your Pete looks great! but those trailers are well done too. Your work is clean and the finish all around makes for a fantastic outcome. Beauty

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