Soviet Pawn...1/48 Petlyakov Pe-2 "Peshka", Soviet Airforce

March 11, 2021 · in Aviation · · 16 · 2.1K

Built in 2018. The excellent kit, Eduard seatbelts added, EZ Line for the antenna wires. For the AMT-1, -4, -7 and -12 camo my dad used the new AK Interactive Real Color Air paints.

12th Guards Divebomber Regiment in 1944

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  1. Very nice Pe2, Reinhard. @grimreaper
    That three colored camo looks great.
    Also the weathering is done nicely, may I ask how your dad did the weathering on the bottom side?

    • Thanks John! The same as on the upper side. Panel wash with a selfmixed oilwash. He applies it extensively and when he wipes away the excess it works as a filter at the same time. Besides that he often uses the airbrush or some pigments or Tamiya´s weathering sets for simulating leaking fluids or smoke stains.

  2. Another Spreitzhofer family masterpiece!
    And, kudos to Zvezda, for the excellent kit!

  3. Excellent!

    Always found Soviet WW2 arcraft a bit boring but the camouflage can sometime make up for that. Dad, you did a great job on this.

  4. Very well done. I particularly like the choice of camouflage.

  5. Wellll, I think the Pe-2 is a good looking a/c, by far one of the best lookers from the WW2 Soviets and this build is awesome, IMHO. Zvezda down-sized this kit to 1/72 and it's a great kit, too.

  6. Reinhard, @grimreaper
    This is another masterpiece your Dad has built. The photos are top notch too. I will be using these pictures as a reference when I get around to building mine. Is this interior what comes in the box or did he upgrade it with some of the new 3D Quinta Studios stuff ? Either way the end result is excellent.

  7. Nice work. I especially like the camo scheme.

  8. Another beauty, and one of my favorite Soviet planes. I've built one but like it so much I'm considering adding another to the stash.

    How did your dad like the AK paints? I just ordered a large set of Luftwaffe colors for my 109s project, and have only used them once so far. Any tips he can pass along for getting best result?

    • Thanks for your words Greg!

      Besides Gunze Aqueous and Tamiya paints, the AK Real Color ones belong now to his mainly used paints. They have fine pigments an make a nice smooth surface. Also they dry fast, after some minutes you can touch them. Regarding thinnig ratio, best airbrush to use and compressor pressure, you have to find out for yourself. One slightly negative thing is that they haven´t the strongest adhesion to the plastic. To say when you apply stronger sticking masks on the paint, it may be that parts of the paint come off with the mask. My dad experienced that several times, even with a primer applied before.

      Best is you try them out on some parts you don´t need anymore to see whats best and how the paint reacts.

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