sci fi lullabies

The inspiration for this was the cover artwork for ‘sci-fi lullabies’ by Suede. It’s a shot of an old Lightning on the Otterburn Training Area firing range in Northumberland, England taken by John Kippin.

Anyway, I had fun building it...

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Nice wreck rendering Simon. Looks real.
    Otterburn is an amazingly beautiful place, as some militarily training areas can be the custodians of nature , culture and artefacts. Windswept hills, Roman ruins, Salmon . steep and cold !
    I trained there in 1978

  2. That one took some severe damage, Simon. @simonyoungjohns
    Great diorama.
    Welcome to this community and eagerly waiting to see more of your builds.

  3. Where old aircraft go to die, nice work! Welcome aboard! I did something similar inspired by a photo of F-4 hulks being used for spare parts.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  4. Great looking diorama Simon, with some great scratch built additions.

    Kind of eerie in a way - but I guess even a beauty like a E.E. Lightning is basically target practice at the end of its day.

    The Album cover is also impressive. A Lightning 'grounded' , while an imposing and possibly electrical storm (Natures own lightning) approaches. Things created by humans inevitably succumb to the elements while Nature keeps trudging along as it always was and always will ( at least...that's what I get out of it 😉 ).

  5. So sad to see the decrepit remains of such eagles of the sky - but nice modeling nontheless!

  6. Thanks for all your friendly replies. Looking at your blogs I can see that you are all great kit makers. Many thanks...

  7. Amazing job, @simonyoungjohns !
    What an inspiration! I am lucky enough to get close to many interesting derelict planes, always wondering if Icoud make an attempt to depict some!
    Congratulations on your first article in this amazing site. Keep them coming.
    Welcome aboard!

  8. Sad end to such a beautiful aircraft, but very imaginative and great modelling, definitely liked. Sorry, but I'm not familiar with Suede, my musical tastes stopped with the Rolling Stones, showing my age...

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