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Thanks !! , iModelleran amazing site....

April 4, 2021 · in Aviation · 11 · 1.4K

This post is just to thank the generosity of my good friends here on iModeller Jaime and Spiros. In the true spirit of what iModeller is about they supplied me at their own expense with the parts I need to continue with my Motorhead Heinkel ie the forward gun turret which is on the album cover but obviously not true to life and the bombs one of which will be in freefall like on the album cover .So a massive thank you to you guys and the other members of our club who responded to my call for help.

I will be covering my build as I progress but in the correct section "works in progress", I'm not going to focus solely on this one as I still have to build the electric parts into a working loom and all that glazing is a troubling prospect so I may see if there is a masking set out there , does anyone know about that ?

Anyway that's all for today ,thanks again to Jaime and Spiros , keep your masks on everyone ,keep safe and lets not lose anymore iModeller friends to this disease.


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  1. You are always welcome, my friend @neil-foster!
    The moment I posted the bombs to you, an amazing feeling of companionship and joy fulfilled me. With my turn, thanks for this!
    Looking forward to your build!

  2. Fully agree that the people here on iModeler are extreme helpful.
    Your example is clearly showing that.

  3. That's great, Neil, iModeler is easily the friendliest site, looking forward to seeing your finished Motorhead.

  4. A great place indeed! ? Truly social scale modelling.

  5. You're very welcome, my friend! Can't wait to see the finished model!

  6. Looking forward to your WIP topics!

  7. Great people ... great website!

  8. Neil, @neil-foster

    I couldn't agree with you more. Imodeler is the best modelling website, and these two guys, Spiros @fiveten and Jaime @jetmex

    are some really good friends.

    Please keep us posted on your Motorhead Heinkel. It's going to look very cool with the working motors and the red interior lighting. Try to take a picture of it in a low light setting so we can see how it looks with these additional features working.

    Stay safe buddy.

  9. Thanks to you all , watch this space...

  10. This is an awesome site with awesome modellers who I call friends. We might be thousands of kilometres apart but only a click away. Keep safe my Imodeler friends!

  11. Yes you nailed it there, best modeling community on the WWW! @neil-foster

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