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Airfix 1/72 B-26 Marauder

May 24, 2021 · in Aviation · · 22 · 2.8K

B-26B .

I made this kit last year for a FB group build, the theme was "Airfix ." Mostly made out of the box build except for the following: added some extra details in the cockpit and bombardier area and the use of Monogram's Curtiss Electric propellers from its own B-26 snap together kit. The kit came out okay, I wish I spent time on working on the canopy fit better. The model was an okay kit, it had some fit issues, warped wings and tail surfaces. I felt the Frog B-25 that I build a few moths earlier (even though it was a lot more work) was a more pleasant and solid kit to build. Still it is done and happy sitting on my shelf next to the Frog B-25.

The decals are from XtraDecals and used "Yo-Yo Champ" of the 497th BS. Shot down by an Me-262 just days away from the end of the war after surviving over 100 missions.

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  1. Looks good sitting on your shelf, definitely liked.

  2. That's a beautiful Marauder, my friend @v1pro!
    I have a soft spot on classic Airfix kit like this one, just love them!

  3. Very nice build, Bob.
    Love the comparison picture.

  4. Nicely done Bob, my Boston in a similar scheme !

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  5. Great looking Marauder, Bob.
    Gotta love the older kits, fun to build and nice looking results.

  6. Two fine-looking WW-2 medium bombers dressing up your showcase. Nice work, Bob.

  7. Looks good! I have a few Marauders in the stash - going to have to build one soon!

  8. Wow , Bob @v1pro ! That B-26 is beautiful ... you did a great job on that old Airfix , made in England, kit.
    I have the same kit sitting on a book shelf as a decoration... maybe I should build mine ?

    Keep up the good work !

    • Jay thank you. This is not a bad kit but I found it a little bit frustrating. Still it worked out and it is not a bad looking airplane. For its time, I think Airfix did a nice job on this kit.

      • They do take some patience , working with those moveable control surfaces. I wonder if that old 1/72 Revell B-26 kit would be easier? It had a lot of raised rivets on it, as I recall.

        • Jay, good question on the Revell B-26. My old 1/72 Revell P-40, B-24, Ju-88 and A-20 all had their rivets sanded off. Some rescribing and scratch building. They all took a while but I enjoyed them all. But I felt their shapes and looks were accurate enough in my eyes. I never had Revell's B-26 so I can't say. The only moveable flight control surface on the Airfix kit was the elevators, the rudder and ailerons were molded on. One of my FB friends built the Revell B-26 a couple of years ago. I think he did a nice job on his build.

          3 attached images. Click to enlarge.

          • That’s a pretty good looking B-26, @v1pro. The rivets don’t seem too distracting after it’s painted. I’ve volunteered working on the “ “Flagship Detroit”, a restored American Airlines DC-3. It’s covered in rivets too, not like the Italeri Dc-3/C-47 kit, which is as smooth as a real world F-16.

        • The B-26 does have its rivets, some are round heads but most of them are flush. Nothing like a DC-3 which is loaded with round head rivets. If I build the Revell kit, I would sand them off but as you saw on the photos, they do not bad.

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