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Matchbox 1/76 “ Memorial Day “ 3 Bloods and a Priest “

May 30, 2021 · in Uncategorized · · 12 Comments

May 31 is Memorial Day in the US. One of 2 Federal Hollidays honouring the Armed Forces.

In Light of that, and not having posted for a while I thought to show some of the really small

Matchbox kits I have been dabbling in between trying to make my plane models presentable enough to show.

All that served, deserve honour, yet for a long time despite the vast contributions of African Americans It took a long time to be treated the same as some of us , From the Soldiers on the American Frontier to the preset day. They do deserve Honour, or what ?

I opted to paint the figures faces Black even though to my knowledge they did not operate M7 “ Priest” SPG’s . they did operate its weapon as towed artillery ( harder work ! ) the 105 mm Howitzer, in the 333 Field artillery Battalion which sufferd huge losses in covering the partial retreat at the beginning of the “Battle of the Ardennes “ a.k.a. “ The battle of the Bulge “ around Bastogne.

“The Wereth 11 Massacre “ by the SS Remains obscure parallel to the Malmedy Massacre in what to this day is, the largest and most costly engagement of the US Army in all its history .

Getting lost in the freezing cold, while falling back, 11 Men were sheltered by the Langer Family. Others in the village found out and squealed, they brought in men of an advancing Waffen SS unit. All Black GI’s were shot evidently after beatings, torture and mutialtions. There bodies were recovered frozen months later.

Thanks to the Langer Familie there is now a monument at the location of this event in gratitude and honour to the sacrifice Of these Men in helping liberate Europe from Fascism.

The Matchbox models are great fun. very ancient, but They We’re designed with passion, Whimsy and imagination, and quite a lot of deatail. The Diorama bases they came with are a great way for any, and myself , to venture in that direction.

I experimented on all the stuff I read about and was reasonably happy with my progress . Paints were a mixture of MIG and Paints. Brush and learning the Airbrush. I dabbled in washes, filters and grime. All looked OK untill I added the gloss coat . Too much dust ! I must change to a dust free modeling space...

The great thing about working small is that I can have many models on a shelf right in front of me while I keep developing the Noble craft of ModelMaking !

Think of all the injustice done to African Americans . After huge losses in Men and Material all Black Branches of the US military returned home to a segregated country. Thankfully things have changed a lot , after all you helped write the History of the USA.

Home of the Brave , Land of the Free

Fun modeling to all !

11 additional images. Click to enlarge.

12 responses

  1. Small but cool. Great microscopic modeling.

  2. A beautiful minuscule diorama, Bernard! A great tribute to those men who offered their lives for a higher purpose.

  3. Quality matters, not quantity!

    • Hi Michel.
      I had planned on making one small armour per month. I have to reconsider now as it took more than that ! It’s the little things that keep bugging us ! Thank you for appreciating.

  4. Great post, Bernard.

    • Thank you George.
      As we were thought not to brag about our own deeds we must tell other people’s stories.
      This little kit was fun to do in that regard. Having an open station, the M7 Priest in this scale was good to do in preparation for the next Miniaturist challenge !

  5. A great tribute build, Bernard. Very nice.
    Didn't realize just how small 1/76 Amour was until I saw the coins - these could have passed for 1/35th scale.
    Great job.

    • Hi George. Thanks for appreciating this small kit. I originally intended to acquire 1/72 trucks and armour for diorama building. Then I realised that a lot of these small kits are smaller yet in 1/76 scale! therefore, not size comparable to my original plan!

      That said, they are a lot of fun to make and it brings me back to the old days when things appeared much simpler.

      As One of our contributors mentioned , with 3-D printing we either gets better kits, or worse in flooding the market and eliminating the old school kit makers.

  6. Nice work and tribute!

  7. Thanks Robert.
    We root for those that were left out . The Priest model I worked on for so long ultimately gave me the idea to do this for memorial day.

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