Naked Bird…1/48 Messerschmitt Me262A-1/2a, JV44

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All good things come in three, so here´s my dad´s third and last 262 for now.
kit, "712" decals from book "Messerschmitt In Defence of the Third Reich", rest of decals from the sparesbox, painted with different MRP metal colours, simulated all the filler stuff by airbrushing different grey tones. Brake lines and seatbelts added, EZ Line used for the antenna wires.

Build thread here

In May 1945 the rest of ended up in Tyrol/Austria. A bunch of 262s and other aircraft, standing and lying around in the mountain valleys, partly destroyed, have been captured there by US troops.
Can´t tell if this aircraft was an A-1 or A-2. It had racks like an A-2 but four gun openings like an A-1.

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  1. This third one is a beauty as well, Reinhard.
    Love the way the panels are visualized.

  2. Very cool! Lot of work went into pulling off that scheme - well executed!

  3. That's a difficult scheme to pull of and it's done soooo well. Spreitzhofer Flugzeug Gesellschaft strikes again!

  4. Great work and finish!

  5. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Nicely built and painted Reinhard.

  6. Another great model and exceptional painting, Reinhard!

  7. Wow, looks great! I've been thinking of doing this Mr-262, or a similarly coloured He-162.

    How do you find the MRP Metallics? I've only used AK Extreme and Tamiya, how does MRP stack up compared to the more common AK or Alclad?

  8. Sweet result and nice to see the 262 in this scheme.

  9. ..

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