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May 30, 2021 · in Aviation · · 4 Comments

Started on a model for myself for a change, the Mk1/111.

Spent ages on the interior then offered up the two halves and what can you see?...NOTHING.

I will also attend to the nasty seam lines (which i've never been able to avoid in the past, whats the secret?)

Anyway, as soon as my camera has charged up, i'll add some decent images to make up for these poor offerings from my phone.

Finally managed to glue the beast together. Initial plan was to paint the wing support in red oxide so that it would represent the fuel tank, but i've noticed, that when i will start on the wheel wells, it's barely visible so that ideas gone. Camouflage went on reasonably well, but as I'm a beginner with the airbrush, my technique will improve.

NOW for bigger problems. The wing tips!

I've painted this with the bright yellow wing tips and tail fins. Primered light grey first, but HOW ON EARTH do you get good coverage with yellow paint? It must have taken me 4 hours and countless coats of paint to get to where it is now! and to cap it all...I PUT A THUMB PRINT in the soft paint, so that will need sanding and re-painting later.

Next off, another gloss coat ready for a "Flory-Wash"

Stay posted.

Well, had a bit of a set back. I've managed to tear the rotator cuff in my right shoulder to such an extent that a physically cannot move my upper arm. I've been told it could be upto TWO WEEKS before i get any reasonable amount of movement back. So, i've attempted to airbrush some parts left handed which was a complete failure, so i've managed to start the decaling (slowly and VERY carefully).

Better quality images of the finished model will be uploaded at a later date

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4 responses

  1. Looking good so far

  2. Looking good, Tony @tonyanderton!
    Yep, it is not uncommon for interiors being totally invisible, once the fuselage halves are joined...

  3. Good progress, Tony.
    Although others cannot see the interior, you know it is there and how great it looks.

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