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Airfix 1/72 He111 H6 progress

July 3, 2021 · in Aviation · · 7 · 1.7K
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  2. Airfix 1/72 He111 H6 progress

Some time ago (April 2019) I was awarded by iModeler the He 111 H6. At long last I have been able to make some headway with the kit at last! I have some Eduard etch to put inside the fuselage and when she is buttoned up I can start work on the cockpit... I've bought a set of specialist decals for her and some detail sets...

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  1. If you haven't assembled the fuselage, you want to make a change there. Only the cockpit was RLM 66 - the rest of the interior is RLM 02. Good luck!

    • Many thanks for that Tom. That's an easy correction. I might have misread one of my books on Luftwaffe camouflage, something I seem to be doing a lot of just lately!

    • Hi again Tom. I've been having a browse through my references and I have found the following reference from K.A. Merrick's German Aircraft Markings 1939 - 1945.

      Page 84: "To return to the 1941 document, [it superseded previous painting instructions] use of the colour 01 was forbidden for either exterior or interior applications. All cockpits or crew positions, visible through a glazed covering, were to be painted in black-grey 66, this use being specified as an anti glare measure".

      Although hardly definitive, the CASA 111s used in the film "Battle of Britain" also have black-grey cockpits and rear fuselage crew areas, most likely a hang over from their production.

      I'll be making an aircraft from 1943, so even if produced with RLM 02, it would have this time been repainted during maintenance work.

      Thanks for brining it to my attention though, it stopped me being blasé about my painting!


  2. Great that you decided to make some headway, Ian!
    Looking forward to it!

  3. Good to see that you are able to give this one a go, Ian.
    A beautiful bomber it will be.
    Looking forward to your build.

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