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‘By Any Means Necessary’

Based on a photo I got off the internet many years ago. Just goes to show, nothing is impossible or unbelievable. A revival of an old made anew. I had intended this little dio to be a IOF dio but decided to go for the 'different' approach, as always. Anyways,this scene represents a Libyan resistance fighter firing Qaddafi's last loyal militant forces, some down the streets of Tripoli.
Anything Goes, is the name of this . I got the idea of a pic someone had posted a long time ago. When I saw it I knew I wanted to model it some way and somehow, my way.It just shows that anything is possible, although not very practical; it just shows that anything can be used to their advantage at any time when the need calls for it.

The longest and most strenuous part of this diorama was putting this figure together. First, I like the thank Bassam I. Mansour, for his suggest about using different body parts from different kits. One kit he suggested was, "Charlie on the left" from Master Box, Vietnam figure kit as a start. So that is what I did. The other kit I used was a body part(torso) taken from the Meng Hi lux kit, which included a one figure, if I remember right. I am no figure builder pro nor am I a figure painter pro.

This was a project with lots of miss and hits. But I keep telling myself, that I will improve. Just needs more and lots more practice. But so far, I am happy with the results. I also noticed some areas on the figure that needs some touch-ups of paint and also some toning down. So, yes, I do notice it and it will be rectified.

Oh yeah! I forgot to add the spent rounds on the ground around him. I took the photos before adding the spent at the time. I will also be doing something about his cap. It's just not sitting right.

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22 responses

  1. That's interesting work Charles and well thought out too @tiking! Thanks for something different again. Bricks in the basket, right? Ballast for that heavy-*ssed gun! I wonder where this scene was set originally? Very cool indeed sir. 🙂

  2. Somalia ?
    I bet the grocery cart , brick or no bricks , took off like a rocket when the dude fired
    Great rendition Charles. Original idea and a reenactment to boot

  3. You do amazing work! That's a big gun to hold..."ouch." I love the bike and the can of coke.

  4. Applause, Charles, for another masterpiece. Remarkable work.

  5. Fantastic work, Charles!
    It is amazing how you materialized your concept.

  6. Another Charles King humdinger.

  7. Fantastic work as always, Charles, thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Great diorama, Charles.
    To me you did a perfect job visualizing this scene.
    One of the most heaviest armed grocery cart I have ever seen.
    This makes sure you will be first in line.

  9. Fantastic, as always @tiking Liked!

  10. A shopping trolley loaded for bear! Only you could pull this off Charles.

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