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Henschel Hs129B2, Russia May 1943, Lufwaffe Group Build

July 1, 2021 · in Aviation · · 33 · 1.9K

One of my favorite German planes during WWII, not sure why, maybe because of its triangular shape or because of its heavy armament.

Thanks to Louis @lgardner, who invited me for the Luftwaffe group build, I decided to build this exceptional plane.

Mostly build out of the box, except for the PE interior and other external PE parts. Added brake wires and opened slots in the engine covers.

First used Vallejo primer, next RLM65 for the bottom and RLM70/71 for the splinter camo.

Decals, applied after a gloss coat, went on pretty well, but are a bit thick. After weathering, I applied a satin coat from Vallejo rattle can but the result was not that great, too shiny. To correct this as much as possible, I applied black pigment and again satin coat but this time from the airbrush.

From the eye the paint looks correct, but when taking pictures, it still looks a bit shiny.

It was a real nice kit to build, great fitting and sufficient details.

Thanks to all who commented during the WIP, it really helped making the most out of this build.

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  1. The head on photo is a perfect shot to demonstrate why this rather brutish looking plane still captures our imagination, much like it’s Russian nemesis, the Il-2.
    Great model John, was a pleasure see you tackling the plastic!

  2. Amazing details and weathering John, looks awesome.

  3. Nice Model and detailing John. i like this plane a lot too and on my build list in 1/72.

  4. Great job, this plane always reminded me of a WW2 version of the A-10.

  5. Great work, John. A superb representation of a really unique-looking aircraft - one ferocious tank killer with all that weaponry clustered forward! Odd that you don't see so many of the type posted on-line. Everything came out just right in this project, from the cockpit detailing to the weathering. The close-up photography really shows the quality of the build, overall. Thanks for your informative build log. I got a lot of inspiration from it.

  6. Really nice result here, @johnb

  7. I think it’s just right, John. Well done!

  8. Superb job John, nicely finished. I like it a lot!

  9. That's a great looking "can opener" John! You've done some beautiful work here! Congratulations sir! 🙂

  10. This is a fine build John, I like everything you've done. One of these has been in my storage closet for over 20 years maybe it's time to get to it!

  11. John, excellent build and very cool additions with the PE details. I built one of these many years ago, with a very heavy handed brushed camo. Your build has me thinking it would be neat to refurbish, since I share a similar interest in this purpose built plane.

  12. Great job John, @johnb, I enjoyed following your build and in the end I think you really nailed it! It really is a beautiful ugly duckling! (The nose reminds me of a duck bill) You did a great job of showing it off with your photography too.

    • Thanks a lot, Walt @luftwaffe-birdman
      I agree on the duck bill, especially when they are painted yellow like this one.
      Still want to improve on the photography, currently only using a simple smartphone and taking the pictures outside to have sufficient light.

      • John, @johnb, a good smart phone with a little accessory lighting is all you need really. I actually shoot my pictures in the kitchen, on the counter with overhead light, and my work bench lights. Just take lots then do some cropping and minor editing on your computer and you are fine. I don't use over half of what I take. Your pictures really were very nice. Of course zooming in does magnify those imperfections and in my case dust bunnies hiding on the model.

  13. Amazing Hs, my friend John! You did a wonderful job on the seemingly good Hasegawa kit. I love the lines of the Hs-129, I think they are unique, your great result accentuating them in the best possible manner. Your build thread was great too, providing a lot of step by step info, extremely useful for potential builders, yours truly being one of them, for sure!

    Thank you so much for this amazing contribution to our equally amazing "Luftwaffe" GB, which is eagerly "waiting" for yet another entry by you!

    • Thanks you for the inspiring words my friend, Spiros @fiveten
      The Luftwaffe Group Build by Louis Gardner @lgardner is indeed an amazing group with lots of interesting builds and useful information shared by all.
      Currently in doubt of starting a 262 or Ju87, likely it will be the 262 which will be my first jet build after restarting this wonderful hobby.

  14. The detail work looks great on this, and overall a very nice-looking model. Well done!

  15. One odd looking airplane, great job on it!

  16. John, @johnb
    This is an incredible build ! Thank you for sharing your work in progress. I have not been as active on here as I once was, so please accept my apologies for not commenting as often as I should have during your construction phase. Hopefully I will have more time to devote to the hobby in the future.

    As far as starting another project, by all means please do so if you can. I have three of these Hasegawa kits in the stash, and the only Hs-129's that I have ever built were the ancient 1/72 scale Lindberg kit as a child, and then shortly after I came back to the hobby, I built the AMT 1/48 scale model, which is still in my display case.

    After looking at how nice yours turned out, I am very tempted to get going on the ones I have in the stash. Yours would look right at home in a museum or a contest table. You did a magnificent job with it !

    I definitely pressed the "liked" button, and I commend you for the outstanding craftsmanship shown on yours. Well done my friend ! VERY well done.

    Thanks again for participating in our Luftwaffe group.

    • Thanks a lot for those warm compliments, Louis @lgardner.
      You don’t need to apologise, I fully understand the situation.
      Compared to my other models, this one is quiet ok, but on a contest table, I have my doubts. Might be worth the try to submit it someday.
      I’m really enjoying this groupbuild, so many interesting builds and topics to learn from.
      Thanks again for starting this group.

  17. John, sorry I missed this earlier. You have done an amazing work on this build. It looks great from all angles. This is also one of my favorite planes from that time and your build is spot on! I love it.

  18. Beautiful built my friend.

  19. NICE!

    Got one of these beauties in my stash! Always had a soft spot for this type of aircraft. Panzerknaker is what the Germans called it, along with the Stuka with 35mm cannons slung under the wings. Both operated on the Eastern front.

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