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SHORT Sunderland MK III ,Italeri 1/72 scale Costal command 1943 Dakar ( Senegal)

July 4, 2021 · in Aviation · · 23 · 2.9K

Italeri kit 1/72 scale
Same defects as short stirling in the same scale,1/24 scale paneling
Otherwise a good starting point,with accurate lines,assembly not easy,i replaced the engines with resin elements from Engine & wheels Bristol mercury / pegasus.
1 year and 6 months of work to complete the model .

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  1. Fantastically beautiful. I see that you got help from a genie sitting on a wing in one of your photos Valter !
    Did you make the framing from scratch or another way? That seems like monks work with corresponding results; excellency for the ages.

  2. OMG . . . followed by the word "Epic" and something that literally parts the sea.
    Impressive Valter.

  3. Good grief! That's spectacular - both the final result and the in-progress shots: it all seems impossible in 1/72. Congrats!

  4. The little details are outstanding, I love the removed cylinder with its piston hanging loose. So much to see!

  5. That is an awesome build Valter. So much fine detail work is so very well done. Quite an accomplishment for sure.

  6. Wow. That's more modeling than I'm capable of and willing to do.

  7. Amazingly awesome

  8. Absolutely fantastic. Not even in dream for me… Bravo!

  9. This is really amazing craftsmanship, Valter.
    Such a great detailed build and ditto diorama.

  10. You, sir, are insane - insanely good!

  11. Unbelievable.

  12. Yeah, so? That all ya got? Really. an incredible piece of work.

  13. All the above comments. I don't think I could add to the compliments.

  14. Truly incredible. I love the half painted roundel with the paint tins, so much to look at. Fantastic.

  15. I'm lost for words, Valter, if I could press the "like" button more than once I would.

  16. Unbelievable attention to detail, Valter!

  17. Really well done Valter! A fantastic result.

  18. gulp! I am not sure if I'm looking at a work of genius or insanity, but I'm thinking it may be a little of both! That is truly amazing! My favorite creative touch is the painting over of the insignia, complete with gallons of paint and brushes. A beautiful and fun project, and the execution is gorgeous.

  19. A fantastic build!

  20. Valter, I'm gobsmacked! It's all been said, but maybe stupendous comes close.
    You've put so many stories in to your model that will keep me marvelling for weeks!

  21. Beautiful work...

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