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Unfinished business...

September 17, 2021 · in Ships · · 10 Comments

My biggest challenge so far.

I received this model quite damaged by the courier which I was very angry about. Unfortunately, this was last model in the online store and I didn't want to make a bit of drama for money refund so I decide it to assemble it. It was a bit messy because half of the length of the ships hull was broken, a massive crack on the side which luckily I fix it somehow and basically it is unnoticeable. It took me quite some time to repair the rest of the damaged parts, but the main part of this model is a massive lack of quality. Almost two third of the parts wasn't fitted properly which is very annoying, it can be seen on many places on the model, from the stern, mid and aft...But the worst problem was sails. Because they are very thin and fragile plastic, they are beyond repair so I decide it to do it without them and honestly, it looks quite nice without sails.

Some time ago, my beloved pet, very spoiled, running and jumping around the room cat broke my main mast which was very difficult to fix it and it is holding by the plastic fibers at the bottom. So for a precaution I put it some extra super glue to hold it 🙂

Nevertheless, with a quite big effort I finished this model, well, sort of 😀

It was a bit frustrated and a bit of fun in the same time doing it.

Every comment and opinion is much appreciated and more than welcome!

Until my next project, regards!

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10 responses

  1. She looks great to me, Nikola @nidzicken
    You must have been very upset when you received the package, or at least what was left of it.
    From what I see on the pictures is that you did a perfect rescue on the broken parts and the main mast.

  2. Good attitude Nikola. Just roll up your sleeves and fix it !
    Very Nice. Shows the romance of the Sea real good !

  3. Great, job, Nikola!
    It is son good that you can fix so many things in plastic models!

    • Thank you Spiros! 🙂
      I think I have a bit of a (shy) talent 🙂 Since I was a little boy, I was always playing with some parts, assembling and dissembling old TV's, radios, some mechanics with old cars...Maybe that's why I'm into all of this :)))
      Always liked it and still like it 😀

  4. "Don't give up the ship!" and you didn't. Looks great!

  5. Looks like you got this looking “ ship shape”, despite all the issues. Good job on overcoming a lot of obstacles and not giving up !

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