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Eduard 1/48 P-39N Airacobra

Should credit Tom Cleaver's GB titled Build 'Em or Bin 'Em for helping me get the old Mojo juices flowing again. I've had little or no time at the bench for several months but hopefully that will now change. Started this kit long ago as a quick and easy project, build the cockpit, assembled the fuselage then put her back in the box and on the shelf. Came across some nice decals at a show and since the Soviets flew some very colorful P-39's, I felt it was time to finish her.

Built pretty much out of the box, I did however add a Ultracast seat and some wheels to spruce her up a bit. To make the build go even faster she was painted using and Model Master rattle cans for the exterior. A Pitt Pen was used to highlight the panel lines and some nylon thread represents the antenna. In retrospect I should have added some exhause stains but hey I'm calling this baby done. This A/C represents one flown by Hero of the Soviet Union, N. J. Protenkov. For a plane that the USAAF didn't really like or want the Soviets were able to make maximum use of the P-39's firepower and reliable radios to their advantage, especially in dog fights under 15,000 feet.

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18 responses

  1. Excellent model, Tom!
    Love the Airscobras in Russian markings!

  2. Great save and good to see your juices flowing again.

  3. Tom, looks great from here! It's hard not to like the looks of an Airacobra in any scheme. The Pitt Pen lines look great too!

  4. Bravo Tom! I love it! 👍 😀

  5. Great looking Cobra Tom!

  6. Nice work @tom-bebout. Glad to give you some inspiration. Soviet P-39s do indeed look good.

    To me, the only thing one as to do with this kit (if they want) is to sand down the trailing edge of the wings inside. Eduard got it a bit thick, but it's the only "ding" in the kit.

  7. Great job on a great looking P-39.

  8. A wonderful result, Tom @tom-bebout
    I do have that exact same kit and your result mademe eager to start with this one.
    Did you had to put much weight in the nose to prevent it from becoming a tail sitter?

    • I couldn't tell you the weight John, John vd Biggelaar @johnb as this early Eduard kit contained a lead weight for the nose. It worked to say the least.

      • John, @johnb
        I have this kit in the stash. It uses the same nose weight.

        It weighs 20 grams.

        I use this scale to figure out the weights of my electric flying RC aircraft models. It comes in handy.

        Hope this helps.

  9. Great looking P-39, Tom. Leave it to the Soviets to get this much mileage out of a plane the USAAF had relegated to the junk pile by the end of 1942. Soviets flew these right up the the Battle of Berlin.

    I echo John's comment above -- how much weight to make it sit on the nose wheel?

  10. Nice work, Tom. I’m glad to see the decals still work. I’ve had that sheet (unused) for 25 years now, LOL.

  11. Nice looking Airacobra! I always liked the look of the P-39 ever since I did the old Airfix kit in the before time.

  12. Looks very nice! Well done.

  13. Looks mighty fine Tom, good work on that P-39 model.

  14. Tom, @tom-bebout
    You did a fantastic job with your P-39. It looks wonderful ! You know, it has been WAY too long since I have built a P-39... The last time was as a kid, and it was the 'White Box" mid 1970's Monogram version... the kit was new back then.

    You hit another home run here buddy. It's good to hear from you.

    I checked the "like" box too.

  15. Turned out very nice ,Tom, @tom-bebout. I use rattle cans too sometimes, just requires careful masking.

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