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1/48 Monogram P-39 Airacobra

December 24, 2021 · in Aviation · · 19 · 1.5K

This is my first post on the forum

Here is my P-39 that I completed last month. It is built OOB with E-Z masks and Vallejo air paints. I was very much inspired by the excellent video on the same kit from Flying S Models on YouTube.

Overall the fit was excellent but the decals were a letdown- not surprising since they had been sitting in the box for 32 years! I left off some of the smaller decals and one of the boxing roosters completely fell apart so it is missing.

Despite the difficulties with the decals I am pleased with the result. Enjoy! open to comments and critiques.
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  1. I think the paint job is quite good, David. I love old Monograms, have a bunch of them myself! Welcome to iModeler!

  2. An amazing entry, David @dbutlr
    Welcome to this great community and I'm hoping to see more of such great builds.
    A pitty about the decals, but they don't do any harm to the overall looks.
    Well done.

  3. A wonderful entry, David!
    An excellent build of the classic Monogram kit.
    Welcome aboard!

  4. You made the "Iron Dog" look really nice! And thank you for sharing the excellent photos. I've got that kit on my "build it next after I finish the two ahead of it" list.

  5. That's a belter.
    Thanks for sharing.


  6. Fine job on an ancient kit!

  7. Welcome, David! Nice work. I still like many of those old Monogram kits too, and the P-39 is one of the best.

  8. That old kit (new in 1969!) still holds up, and you got the most out of it.

  9. 'Overall the fit was excellent but the decals were a letdown- not surprising since they had been sitting in the box for 32 years.' Hey David welcome. Always apply liquid decal film to old decals to prevent break up. Never lets me down.

  10. Looks very good! I wish to have 1:72 scale Aircorba 🙂

  11. Looks great , @dbutlr ! One of my favorites… I have one I hope to build this year.

  12. Nice job on this old Monogram kit. I always like the way on how this kit looks when put together. And welcome to this site!

  13. Great job on a classic! I bought an original 1969 issue a few years back, may just need to build it after seeing yours!

  14. Welcome aboard David, I believe you'll really enjoy this site. Nice job on an old kit she turned out quite well. Built several of these myself and posted on iModeler. Their nice fun builds IMHO.

  15. Welcome David! I think every WWII aircraft modeler has probably built this venerable old kit - I know I did when I first got back into the hobby. Yours looks great!

  16. Welcome David and thats a great first post to introduce yourself - I love those teeth.

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