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The « V » weapons and a Vintage Revell kit of 1972

Hello friends and modellers.

I completed not many kits last year as I am on a learning curve in this noble art still.

Corona and shifting work schedules got in the way too !

Running into one issue or another. I kept putting glue down on new kits so as to keep going Until I get it !

I wrote an article a while ago on this site After my visit to « la Coupole « in Wizerne France.

Here is a follow up with something I did manage to finish just now. that gives me a sense of accomplishment. Don’t look to closely but I am reasonably happy with it !

I seem to build models of my personal experiences and the ones my Family had history with..Karma ?

The A-4 V2 was the second iteration of arms procurements that got the moniker of « Revenge « weapons during Nazi time in Germany.

Much Ink ( and Blood ) has flowed over these machines so I’ll keep it short.

At Wizerne there was to be a Hardened Bunker to serial Launch the first Balistic Missile in History. It almost was operational but D-Day and the RAF came in between that !

If these interventions would not have happened that would have been catastrophic for England... let alone if the V-3 would have been ready.

As it was the launches of both V1 and V2 were from sites well within the German occupied territories . The attacks on Britain proved that « Revenge « for the Bombing of German Cities was the driver of these attacks. The strategic value was near zero but it killed many non combatants for nothing.

As Paris and Belgium were liberated the launch sites moved to stay within the targeting range of these weapons. ( roughly 150 Miles ) At that point with the Harbour of Antwerpen falling into allied hands, nearly undamaged, it Became the target .( With that cities like Brussels Paris and Liege received missiles as well.)

I’m not sure how the targeting of those was decided but Antwerpen received the vast majority of these attacks as a precursor to the von Runsted Offensive aka. The battle of the Bulge. Antwerpen was as Napoleon called it the” Dagger pointed at the Heart of England “ and that reputation was not missed by the Germans. The first V-2 struck October 13 1944. Over 7000 breached the Belgian border and 1610 struck the city and Harbour killing over 6000 people. The largest single loss of life was on the « Rex « Cinema where both civilians, British and American Slodiers were watching the film “the Plainsmen” with Gary Cooper. 460 people were killed just when they tought you could go to the movies again.

The suburb where my father lived got hit by over 100 V-1 and V-2 ‘s. He made it or I would not be writing this !

The Kit:

The venerable kit with the odd scale of 1/69 from 1972 received my attention.

I Think this to be a great model Still despite it being this old, was quite well conceived of.

It took a While to do as there are many parts In both trailer and erector crane called the “ Meiler wagen” this took time. The ladder like structures On the trailer took a week to do ! I could only put 4 or 5 at a time down and had to make some for all the broken pieces.

The kit comes with the innards of the Rocket and most times gets either covered up for the missile outline only or halved, or anything in between.

I decided to cut out as much as I could to show the different compartments of this fantastic machine.

The painting i decided to do was the short lived Wavy pattern. Masking and spraying proved to be too dificult so after discovering the Mr Paint remover I resorted to brush painting it. I mixed the Mig Amo paints to get as close to the color as on the copy I show. This for the cream white and Tan. The Khaki Green was straight out of the Tamlya bottle with the Mr Thinner flow enhancer .

For comparison I put it next to the Condor models V2 I made a few years ago and which was a real test in masking and learning how to use an airbrush.

There are few of the accessory vehicle models on the market but the once that are available are in my Stash and I look for ward to putting them together as I go along.

Thanks for watching and great modeling fun to all on this friendly site that can stand amateurs like me !

16 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Looks like you did a good job on this old kit. Thanks for the interesting article. My dad passed through the Army field hospital in Liege shortly before it was hit by a V-1 that had engine failure, and he was recuperating in London when a V-2 landed across the street from where he was checking into a lodging. He and his buddy hit the floor, but the lady checking him in just stood still until the dust settled, then resumed the checking in process.

  2. Interesting write up. Good job!

  3. Amazing build out of this classic kit, Bernard! Great detailing job!
    Also loved your very informative and well written article, so many things I learned!

  4. Very nice build, Bernard @bernardbedeur
    Never saw this one in a camouflage pattern.
    Thank you for sharing the informative background of it.

  5. These things were absolutely terrifying! No warning but a double crack on re entry and a whoosh of air moments before it hit. Great kits. Fascinating story.

    Makes me think of this nice piece of satire.

    • Thanks Ross. There was an inordinate amount of hypocrisy when German scientists were giving “Carte Blanche “ to come to America.
      I love the Satire video ! So much more polite than the insults and personal attacks the media launches at people these day

  6. Fantastic build Bernard - well done! Very interesting to see the inner workings - nicely presented!

  7. A very interesting subject... excellently built !

  8. Nice job on this ancient kit Bernard, interesting history write up as well. They really were terror weapons, as no warning was ever given and they were not pin point but area weapons. One never knew where or when they would strike.

  9. Beautiful, I was always fascinated by rocket technology and the V2 and still am. This really was pioneering engineering. I visited Peenemünde too, where, on October 3rd, 1942 the first A4 reached an altitude of 82 kilometers. This is not technically space yet (100 km) but at the time, the record altitude ever reached by a human made machine.

  10. Thank you Michel. I hope to go to Peenemunde as well !
    Germany dabbled in space inadvertently, or close to it , with the Paris artillery
    Canon in 1918 where In testing it out the projectile landed much farther than expected due to the thin upper Atmosphere where there is less friction !

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