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Hobbyboss 1/48 scale Bv141B

March 28, 2022 · in Aviation · · 14 · 1.2K

This is my build of the Hobbyboss Bv141 kit. It's a good kit that goes together well without too much effort, with the possible exception of painting all the canopy frames!

Additions to the model are the 'Superfabric' seatbelts from Eduard, CMK's replacement BMW engine and cowling, and the use of an old Dragon propellor from a Ju88 nightfighter kit, slightly modified to get a better appearance. The propellor provided in the kit has its blades facing the wrong way. Also, the exhaust outlets need adjusting as there are sixteen on the exhaust ring, but the BMW801 was only a 14 cylnder engine.

At the end of the build, I wiped down the clear canopy areas with a small amount of Revell's painter remover fluid which dries very quickly, and then coated these areas again with a small amount of brush-applied Future/Pledge. This provides a clear finish to all of those areas and really allows the viewer to see the interior details at its best.

This build is also part of the 'Imperial german Air Service/Luftwaffe...' GB here:

There's also a short YouTube video build process here:

Thanks for looking in and I hope you like the result.



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  1. Hobby Boss must have fixed the “prop error”. Enclosed is a photo of the prop in the kit my son gave me for Christmas. The rotation is clockwise looking forward…

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

    • Hi, Tom... yes, I would agree with you. I've checked the images I took of the original sprue I had, and the propellor does appear to have been corrected... :-). You'll still have the exhaust outlet pipes to correct though, judging from your photo.

  2. Hello boys and girls
    Fact is that I found both the propeller and the exhaust in a Weekend Eduard Fw 190, and they were extra parts not used for the model. Problem is that I don't remember what version it was.
    As for the number of exhausts, if I remember correctly the number of cylinders for that kind of engine is always in odd number (here it is 7) so two rows make 14

    Chap, your model is very attractive and the colour is an interesting alternative to the two grünen. Congratulations

  3. Sharp work. Your paint finish came out great.

  4. Really nice work with this kit. A great-looking model.

  5. Well done Paul! A fantastic result!

  6. Superb result on this exceptional aircraft, Paul @paulh
    Paintwork is great with those differently shaded panels.

  7. Guys... thanks to all of you for you kind comments... much appreciated ;-).

  8. Nicely done Paul, good job on a unusual looking A/C.

  9. Looks great, nice job. I've discovered Turtle Wax paint clarifier works well for cleaning up clear parts. Every time I see one of these birds, I want to ask, “where’s the other half of your plane?”

  10. That is a beauty - I love the different scheme than I'm used to seeing. Did you have references for it? If so could anything you could share? I love doing unusual schemes, and I have a 1/72 kit of this that I'd like to do just like this one. Could you send me a PM with the paint tones you used, and any leads as to references?

  11. @paulh, Very nice indeed Paul! What an unusual bird! ?

  12. Thanks, Gary... :-).

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