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E-75 Heavy Assault Flammpanzer "Drache" (1/72)

I think most of you know the German E-series designs that should be the next generation of German devices.
However, the end of the war in 1945 meant that there were only ideas for the new tanks up to that point.
So there are many ways to create a fictional 1946 tank weapon.

My "Drache" is one of them.
There are already various versions of the E-50/75, but I don't know of any Flammpanzer yet- so it was time for one!

I used the E-75 Assault Mortar (UA72144) as the basis for my project.
I built the new front alcove and the flame tube with plastic sheet and old leftover parts and extended the structure further back on the sides.

In addition, I added and changed some details.
All welds were renewed/supplemented, add the assemblies for the temporary crane, the tank nozzles for the flame oil tanks and installed a new anti-aircraft machine gun.
I also move the headlight and changed the attachment of the tools.

The original parts of the kit do not always fit together completely and I often had to rework them.
The assembly of the segment tracks also caused some problems because the instructions were not presented correctly.
Thinking was announced 😉
The casting quality was otherwise almost perfect.

The crew comes from GeBo Figuren (72010) and are cast in resin.

23 additional images. Click to enlarge.

4 responses

  1. Another amazing build, Simon @s-nagorsnik
    Beautiful work on the camouflage.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful, Simon!
    Really excellent skills!
    A real rarity of a model as well.

  3. I'm not sure which impresses me more, your work on the tank or work with the completed figures.
    Impressive work, Simon.

  4. Thanks so much guys!
    I really appreciate your positive feedback😁

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