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Heller vintage Me-163 komet 1/72

Pure basic Kit requiring deft fingers and good vision . ( magnifier lens )

This small model gave me great pleasure as a time investment versus value.

The maxim during my career was , « price to build and build to price !

I mostly did over the top work anyways but it’s a good guideline !

Between my larger and mind stumping Build issues that come with Those Big kits I have a small and cool looking model and conversation piece. Also time in the “Zone” that artistic endeavours give us. Better that therapy.

I so much appreciate the kit history as much as the model itself.

The plans come with multi-lingual detailed assembly descriptions and nomenclature. Reading versus pictures was the Norm then in 1977 when this kit was released.

The pictures show only halves when requiring pairing and overall the appearance with the aerials is not correct, but it’s not important as I wanted to get everything “ on “ OOB.

The care taken as it goes along makes one pay very close attention in putting it all together.

Once the antennae went in there is no more ways to handle it. Terminus.

The kit comes with its trailer. The Man came from another Kit. The Decals were scrounged From the extra decal box even though not historical. The paint was Tamiya spay can primer. The Colors all Ammo /Mig I mixed by eye and with the RLM Chart.

I hated the green and stippling on the tail but after walking away from it and returning a few days later ( after receiving compliment from my Son ) I saw that it was good and rested it.

To get the pitot and others long fragile parts in I had to use a Hot Needle to make a hole in the leading edge of the wing . For the 30 Mm canon . I’m deciding what I can do there .

Maybe a piece of Brass rod to scale but letting time sink in will bring a solution.

All in all I spent ( Hours ) and maybe less that $ 15 . Not including the base investment to Model ( That was an investment.)

I don’t necessarily Like depicting Nazi planes. They were amazing .The fact that they did these spectacular Engineering and production feats as everything fell apart around them is a story to remember.

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12 responses

  1. Really great build of this classic/oldie of a kit, Bernard! Looks absolutely cool.
    Thanks for all kit info and build details!

  2. Very nice Komet, Bernard @bernardbedeur
    The tractor is a real nice addition to this kit.

  3. Looks nice - I think I have this same kit in my stash...

  4. I built that kit WAY back when, nice to see these old kit getting built.
    Nice work, Bernard.

  5. A very nice model indeed! Well done.

  6. Thanks David. I enjoyed it. I’m a big fan of the older kits as well.

  7. This turned out nice, the paint on the tail does look great.

    • Thank you jay.
      i did not like the tail blotches at first but after walking away from it ads seeing it a few days later, I saw it worked. they could have been smaller . small tail, small model, smaller spunge-ing next one !
      thanks again. your kits look great .

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