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April 23, 2022 · in Armor · 8 · 1.1K

My last model build, Iveco Guarani 1:72 scale, is fully 3d printed, i think is a very good result.
the top wepon is s REMAX 3 tower whith .50 machinegun.
Guarani is come to replace ENGESA EE 11 URUTU, and will be come a new armor personal carrier of the Brazilian army, can be armed whiyh a REMAX TOWER .50 , UTBR 30mm canon, manual tower with .50 machine gun and maybe one version whith 120mm mortar.
Brazilian army buy a total of the 1.500 vehicles, and 500 all ready delivery.

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  1. Amazing result, especially for the scale, Rafael!
    Welcome aboard!

  2. Wow, that's a lot of APCs the Brazilian Army is planning. Do you know why they changed the designation of their armour from names of snakes (Urutu, Cascavel) to names of indigenous tribes (Guarani)? Are there any more vehicles with interesting names being incorporated?

    • i think is new tendence, we have another light vehicle called Marrua ( its a name indigenous too). i will make a research to find the reason.. end post here...

  3. Great 3D printing, Rafael @rafael
    Welcome to this great community.
    Looking forward to see more of your builds.

  4. Nicely done Rafael - I'm always astounded at how you can get amazing detail and results from such a small 72nd scale model - well done.

  5. hi my firend, its not easy kkk but i liked..kkkkk

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