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For all shipbuilders and ferrous metal modelers . I wanted to share some photos of Ships and equipment that I see on a daily basis. This at the Former Mare Island Naval shipyard and now Mare Island Dry Docks LLC

one can not over-do or under-do what the decay of time does to Iron.

That said rendering Rust gives one a Lot of Leeway to achieve that.

I hope to show more of this Fabulous Place, Mare Island in a future post.

Meanwhile streak Away with Pigment and Pencils and don’t hold back In this endeavour.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

8 responses

  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics, along with the useful comments, Bernard! It is great to have poctorial evidence of modeling effects.

  2. Very nice, thank you!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Bernard @bernardbedeur
    Always helpful

  4. Sad to see these old bases in such a state. Rust, salt airs wonderful by-product' it can make newly painter ship look like a piece of s*** in a matter of months. "It's better burn out then it is to rust, or it's guaranteed not rust bust or draw dust."

  5. For sure Robert.
    Our city tried to sell the cranes before the dry docks re-opened !
    Many great buildings have come down already Making space for housing.
    At least the place is working again.

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