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T-54B (1/72)

I think there is not much to say about the or 55.
Everyone knows him or has at least seen him before.
It can be found on almost every continent and has been in use in numerous countries since the 1950s or is still in use today.
So there are hundreds of ways to represent the tank.

I opted for a classic "cold war" look.
Russian protective green with polish markings.

The (AMIG-8502) kit produced by Takom is of exceptional quality.
No problems with the fitting of the parts and very nice and sharp details.
Very detailed designed and I think that not much of it is missing.

The assembly of the segment tracks required some time, for which an assembly aid is included.
In addition, I exchanged the gun barrel for an aluminum part from Aber (72L-45).
The rest of the tank is oob.

I designed and built the base myself.

17 additional images. Click to enlarge.

5 responses

  1. Small size classic 😉

  2. Nice build. Superb weathering.

  3. Another fantastic model, Simon!
    Well done!

  4. Really great build, Simon @s-nagorsnik

  5. Incredible detail for 1:72 kit. Wasnt aware Takom did this on 1:72 .

    Great paint tone amazing result in any scale all the more impressive in 1:72.

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