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The T2 was the 109 designed to fly from the decks of the Graf Zepplin. The T2 was a variant of of the E3/4 but with a longer wingspan, to aid taking off from the shorter deck.

Although the T2 was never used from the deck of a carrier, what with the Graf Zepplin being put on the back burner due to the resouces being better used elsewhere, it did fly from short airfields in Norway and Heligoland. They were later used as trainers due to the F model being introduced.

I wondered what it might have looked like with naval camouflage as opposed to the land based greens/brown violets/greys that are usually seen on the 109, so i used PRU blue for the lighter colour, and Royal blue, (which is the colour the later Royal Navy Sea Harriers were sprayed in the Falklands conflict)

I tried to imagine what they would look like faded and beaten by salt water etc, and what sort of effect it might have on the paint, and given there are literally no examples of what this effect looks like on RLM paints, it was purely an excercise of imagination, hence the rust marks on the wing roots.

Overall, im not that happy with the weathering, but i have another T2, so im going to have a bash with a different naval camouflage (based on the desert 'spotty' camouflage of the E7's) and see if i can get the weathering a bit better this time.

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  1. Great build of this 109, Tam @fow_models
    This 'what-if' camouflage could definitely be close to what was the intention.

  2. I like it lot too, Tam!

  3. Landing on a carrier with that narrow wheel base would have been a challenge to say the least!.
    Nice looking 109, Tam.

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    Csaba said on May 2, 2022

    That scheme looks great, really nice build!

  5. I have 15 of my builds on here lol

  6. Unique scheme - nice "what if" project.

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