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Birdwatch- T-34/76 Vignette (1:35)

Once again a "recycling project" of mine.

Since I switched to 1/72, I don`t work any longer in this scale.
However, there is still material for residual recycling.

The T-34 turret belongs to a Dragon kit, which I built over ten years ago and which has now been scrapped.
But I like these turrets and therefore wanted to continue using it.
Also a good chance to improve my skills.
I bought the Airborne Miniature (3526) because it was cheap to have.

21 additional images. Click to enlarge.

3 responses

  1. This is truly superb, Simon!

  2. This is truely amazing, Simon @s-nagorsnik
    Excellent detailing, for example the welding joints at the turret look very realistic.
    A beautiful diorama and great idea to re-use the turret in this way.

  3. Looks great, Simon. I like the warm/darker color tones you present in your work. 1:35 must be "huge" when switching from 1:72. Again, well done!

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