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Modeling themes and ideas

Modelling themes on the cheap could suit as a title as well.

In the over the 3 or so years since taking this hobby up again, I had a lot of unfinished builds. This while trying to get skill and to feel which Themes suit my interest. I came up with inexpensive kits I had acquired on eBay for starters. They are good learners and make great display models on the cheap.

The Do-335 is An ancient Revell kit. It missed the rear prop which I made out of recycled packaging. The paint came out way to clean that I “aged “ it with water color pencils.

The Martlet is vintage. The Decals are horrible but I went with what I could save.

Paints are Ammo acrylic.

I Like planes off the ground but with landing gear out. ( too many breaks on my display shelf ! )

I put a cylinder cut out of a chop stick under the Dornier and mounted it on a piece of Walnut meant for the fireplace.

The French tanks are , a Heller Bréguet 393 with Italeri ruins. They are to be a diorama for France 1940. The Bréguet is to be in Belgian Markings though never delivered and last seen at Tours France in June 1940.

All 3 are off the bench and represent the 3 themes that I am drawn to.

Land War Europe 1939-45

The Battle of The Atlantic, Air component 1939-45

And German experimental weapons .

I wanted to post something prior to leaving . First assignment touring since The Awful Covid situation. I always look forward to modelling when I get back home and is sort of a Mantra when I try to clear my Head thinking of what to do next.

…Definitely making acrylic Covers to fight off all the Dust

Thanks for looking at an amateurs work in progress.

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses

  1. All are simply wonderful, Bernard! Breathing life and actually finishing older, simpler or even started kits and coming up with such great results is fantastic!

  2. Very nice set, Bernard @bernardbedeur
    A great job on the creation a new propellor on the Dornier.

  3. Dont bother yourself how it will look finished, enjoy in the process of making, its the journey not the ending

  4. They all turned out well. You did a good job scratch building the rear prop on the German aircraft.

  5. A nice collection of vintage kits - well done!

  6. I think your models look great, Bernard (@bernardbedeur). I like building old models, especially from Revell and Monogram. I have just bought some old Airfix kits, so I may have some to post soon. Well done, keep them coming!

  7. All of the above, nice work!

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