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Evergreen Aviation Museum Oregon

In Oregon one can still find independent hobby shops that seem to thrive. ( As covered by Dennis Meyers a few days ago. )

Probably so owing to stocking diverse hobby items and the drippy long Winters with people looking for indoor activities and meaning while fighting SAD’s.

In addition to this there is a fantastic air and Space museum in Mc Minville.

The evergreen museum is a must see for those travelling between Oregon and Washington States.

We got there after a road trip that made us want to cruise through Portland on a Sunday so as to miss rush hour Monday Traffic. We lodged in Mc MinVille which allowed us to “Bag” this incredible museum.

It’s main claim to fame is the Hughes H-4 that was brought into he collection in the 90 ies. Old timers and youngsters TOGETHER, restaured it to full glory.

With this, at least one giant flying boat of WW 2 vintage got preserved for display. ( so sorry there are no Bv-222 ‘s anymore ) It was the only one of this type built. ( see “ The Aviator Film by Scorsese )

The collection is vast, even though part of it got sold off to cover expences it still has real and replica aircraft that makes one drool in Awe.

Here are few of them.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

8 responses

  1. Now that looks definitely like heaven, Bernard @bernardbedeur
    So much interesting aircraft, especialy that enormous H4. Although I do like that 262 in front of it as well, do you know if that is a real one?
    I did wrote it down in my 'still to visit' book.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you John.
    The ME-262 is a replica as well. Not withstanding this fact it still is an amazing testimony of aviation. I had never seen one before. It’s truly impressive.

  3. What a wonderful visit that you entitled us at, Bernard! Really beautiful exhibits and, yes, the Spruce Goose! It is remarkable that this aircraft endured time and is now reassembled and proudly displayed.

  4. It was really too bad the H-4 had to leave Long Beach - that dome hangar allowed one to see it fully without anything in the way. But good news that it survived.

  5. I missed it down in Long Beach. With the Queen Mary next to it, it must have been quite a show. It looks perfect where it is thanks to climate controls I think.

  6. Nice variety of aircraft.

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