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September 15, 2022 · in Aviation · · 15 · 1.2K

Fairchild C 119 flyng boxcar.
November 1961 kindu ( Congo) UN mission. Kit scale,plus Tauro model decals.
Aluminium color obtained with a 33% blend matt aluminium + chrome silver + glossy white.
All with Tamiya acrylics color

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  1. Great job! I like the "aged" style photos.

  2. Very nice. Nice to see a built flying box car which seems rare to me. Terrific photos.

  3. A beautiful C-119, Valter!

  4. Very good, with plenty of details, also in the colouring (like the subtle color change where national insigna was removed...).
    Valter, you di not mention the tragic fate that befell the crew of this aircraft in their peacekeeping mission in Congo in 1961. Mistaken for mercenaries who had come to support one of the civil war parties, they were attacked by a horde at Kindu airport and later murdered. Lest we forget!

  5. Another beautifully lifelike model, Valter! It's difficult to believe how sharply you've rendered those 1/72 details... another great entry in you excellent portfolio.

  6. Superb looking Boxcar, Valter @zagorten27
    Hard to believe this is 1/72 scale.
    Well done.

  7. Nice work, Valter. Your aluminum mix worked great. Very realistic.

  8. Very nice work on a little-seen kit that isn't all that easy to get a very nice result with.

  9. Well done, Valter (@zagorten27). At first, I thought this was a photo of the real thing. Great skills to get this result with a really difficult kit. Back in the early 70s, I was a C-141 copilot. We were in Italy for a week doing joint airdrops with the Italian Army and Air Force. The day we left, they flew a 3-ship C-119 formation to commemorate our week-long collaboration. I will post the photo I took if I can find it.

  10. Excellent build. The finish looks great on this - I'm with George, I thought that first image was a reference photo at first!

  11. Fantastic model and equally fantastic photographs.

  12. Very realistic, The first photo had me guessing.

  13. Beautiful Valter, such great attention to details.

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