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Tulsa Air and Space Museum

October 2, 2022 · in Uncategorized · · 12 · 1.1K

has been a large part of , Oklahoma's history. To preserve it , the Air & Space Museum was created to show case items that have a link to Tulsa's aviation history. Today I visited it for the first time in a couple of years , it has gotten better. I thought some here on imodeler might like to see some of pictures from today.

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  1. A great museum and really beautiful pics, Jay! I can see they have many models too. Thanks for sharing those wonderful pics!

  2. Looks like you could spend at least 24 hours there, Jay, thanks for sharing the pictures.

  3. Looks indeed like a very interesting museum, Jay @ssgt. Great historical aircraft and beautiful models to watch. What else to wish.

  4. I visit as often as I can. Tulsa IPMS has some displays there.

  5. Great photos, Jay (@ssgt). I just pulled out a couple of helos to put in the queue and your photos give me some ideas. I got my master's degree at Oklahoma State, which I think is not far from Tulsa.

  6. Hey George @gblair, OSU is in Stillwater, about 1.5 hours away from Tulsa , going the speed limit . I’m glad some of those pictures helped give you some ideas for your helicopter project. It’s been years & years since I built a model of a rotary wing aircraft . I’ve been keeping my eye open for a 1/48 early Cobra model kit though.

    • I just got the Miniart Autogyro on sale at Megahobby, which should be really fun to build. I was stationed at Vance AFB in Enid as a flight instructor, and I was also getting my master's at OSU at the same time. They sent professors to Enid weekly to teach our master's classes, and I would go to Stillwater twice a month to use the library, and to troll for coeds, but mostly the library. :o)

  7. Great shots, Jay @ssgt. It looks like a nicely run museum. I added this to my list of museums to visit.

    The MD-80 cockpit shots brought back a lot of memories of when I worked those planes and flew jump seat flying from stations to stations to work on them or other aircrafts.

  8. Hi Bob @v1pro , it’s a small museum , but they’ve got lots of exhibits to see.

    That MD-80 is one of AA’s older ones. The newer ones had the interior painted a medium brown color. They are all out of service now, the end of an era. They were basically 1960s technology , an overgrown DC-9.

  9. Nice! Great photos. Nice to see the MD-80/DC-9. My last navy unit flew the C-9B, navy for DC-9.@ssgt

    • That MD-80 was pretty lucky not to be cut up , Robert @roofrat . They’ve modified it and made it a classroom for kids to learn about aviation and science . Here’s a photo of what it looks like from the air.

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