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2022 mini achievements.

In this first year of Our Lord when we could get out again ! in 22, and away from home a lot.

I did this ! Don’t Laugh !

Lacking time for the hobby I wanted to clear what I now know is called “ shelf of doom “ and “ Stash “ I realised I am not alone in having gotten over board a bit in this nomenclature !

At that, small kits on my selected themes were completed. More or less. all are under $6 . Get me mileage w.o. Having to do huge saves. I tried to use the decals but most being 50 years old failed.

The M40 had disintegrated Tracks. Figuring out to scratch make an acceptable replacement.

In 2023 I may open up the large and expensive kits and try for the best.

Meanwhile, my themes are.

Land war Western Europe WW2

Belgium/France 1940

Battle of the Atlantic.

Kits presented are:

Lockheed in neutrality patrol.

Char Bis- Renault FT-17 1/76 diorama.

Martlet 1/72 Fleet Air Arm

Tarpon. 1/72 Fleet Air Arm

Airfix Half Track 1/76 Bastogne

Matchbox M40 G.M.C. 1/76 Bastogne

Breguet 693. 1/72

I encountered numerous little issues that needed fixing. Had fun. Did not take this batch too seriously . Looks good on my limited shelf space ( From far away )

I feel timid at times posting on this Site but it encourages People like Me to get ( Back ) into the Hobby and create connections.

Beginners and pro’s alike meet on this great and supportive website and community.

Happy New Year 2023 to all !

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28 responses

  1. Everything you build moves you forward, Bernard (@bernardbedeur). Lots of stuff for the new year.

  2. One, the hobby is about having fun and keeping your hands in the game. Everyone, has gifts and talents and is welcome at the table or the bench. Everyday, is a new excitement and new adventure. That can be shared and if needed can lead to better things and lessons learned.

    " In 2023 I may open up the large and expensive kits and try for the best."

    Go for it Bernard

  3. Look great! Glad you're having a good time with them!

  4. Those are all nice looking models !

  5. They are all more than worthy of being posted here, Bernard, I’m sure you’ll have a great 2023, sit back and enjoy your modelling.

  6. Fantastic builds, Bernard! Thanks for sharing them! Have a great 2023!

  7. Nice looking kits, Bernard @bernardbedeur
    You outlook for 2023 is very interesting, looking forward to those being build.
    Happy New Year.

  8. Well done Bernard! 🤗 Keep it up my friend, and share your progress with us! 😃

  9. Keep on gluing and painting - it only gets better as you go! Well done.

  10. Fun way to clean off that shelf. It's not always about building the most exact kit on the market, sometimes it's just fun to build stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Excellent, good, bad, or indifferent, when finished, if you had fun building your models, that's all that counts. It's a hobby and we all improve with practice an learn new techniques from each other. Keep then coming Bernard.

  12. Nicely done Bernard, keep at it.

  13. G'day Bernard (@bernardbedeur),
    A nice collection.
    My favourite is the Bregeut - an unusually elegant looking French WW2 aircraft.

    • Hi Michael.
      Thank you for the comment.
      I agree with the Breguet being very elegant. It was perhaps the best chance that France had to defeat the German invasion of 1940. Except…. Faulty tactics, bad carburettor and a crew of 3 that made it too heavy or wrongly purposed in mission goals.

  14. Dear Bernard @bernardbedeur, i feel the same - the quality of the builds here is so impressive that i hesitate to put up anything i build. With that being said i think your models are really beautiful, i like that Martlet a lot. I wish i did not sell it earlier this year.
    Your topics are intriguing as i like early WWII planes from the RAF a lot. Looking forward to seeing more builds!

  15. Hello Felix.
    Like you mention. Having found this website makes us being able to build , post and grow in this community . Your Spitfires look really good ! Thanks for appreciating my modest builds. The Martlet was vintage Airfix . I believe the newer release by the same company has more detail that the old one which is pretty good overall being 50 years Old !

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