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German Super Heavy Tank E-100 Ausf.B

I bought this kit second hand and therefore a few parts of the contents were missing.
PE parts, a few small parts and the tracks.
I got the small PE set from Voyager Model to replace them, but the rectangular grilles didn't quite fit - they were a bit too small.
Replaced the missing tracks with those from OKB Grigorov.

I wanted to give the whole thing a more "field-suitable" look and added tools from a Flyhawk supplement set.
Also built a container for the barrel cleaning device.

Got me a "resin block;)" from to replace the turret.
Here I replaced the commander's dome and the barrel with an aluminum part.
I stole that from an old 1/35 Churchill and it fit almost perfectly in size and shape to the original part.
At the muzzle I milled an M3 thread because I wanted to represent it with the muzzle brake removed.

The commander also comes from Model Trans Modellbau from a tank crew set.

After a big mishap happened to me at the first attempt while airbrushing, I was forced to use the Paint Remover.
However, it attacked the resin tracks and turned them into a jelly-like mass.
Before it could go any further, the entire chassis had to be removed, cleaned and reassembled.

Used Parts: UA72068, Modell Trans Modellbau MT72340, OKB Grigorov S72250, S72442, Voyager Model PE72005, Flyhawk FH72001

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  1. @s-nagorsnik - Great work! The final result seems worth the effort you had to put into finding and fixing missing parts. The wood block is a very cool diorama base.

  2. Another superb result, Simon!
    Happy 2023!

  3. Really great result, Simon @s-nagorsnik
    Beautiful weathered look and the base makes it stand out nicely.
    Happy New Year.

  4. Just beautifully done.

  5. Amazing work with great results.

  6. Great build!👍🏼

  7. Sorry for my late reply, guys 😅
    But of course - thanks to all of you and also to you a happy new year!

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