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TIE Interceptor (1/90)

The TIE fighters have always been one of my favorites in the genre.
Even if I prefer the classic ones, I have opted for the slightly more "sporty" variant.
This is actually my Tie second fighter, the first one was still made of Lego 😀
And it's also my first trip into space 😁

I made the base myself from glass.
It consists of five, on the back, digitally printed elements, which I glued and sanded accordingly.

A nice kit for quick building and good opportunities for painting.
The fit of the parts was perfect and there was not much to clean on the parts.

It´s ´s 036303 kit and built directly out of the box.

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8 responses

  1. Spectacular job, Simon!

  2. Beautiful build and ditto base, Simon @s-nagorsnik

  3. The model & the base are both out of this world ! Great job on them .

  4. Really like the way you shaded and painted this little gem! LOVE the base.

  5. Looks great, nice job! I always thought these tie fighters looked as if they were based on the rear differential of an old pickup truck.

  6. Love the weathering!...great work.

  7. very nice, love the heavy weathered look. Looks like the Empire has gotten a long service life out of this interceptor.

  8. I have to admit to never watching Star Wars but I love this model.

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