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February 25, 2023 · in Aviation · · 16 Comments

Here's a thing I built one time when I was trying to decide on my next project and was thinking I should do something with my large stash of spare parts left over from previous builds and wrecks. (I never throw anything away). I started with a 1:48 Revell P-51 fuselage and wing. I cut the rear fuselage down and added a gunner's position, scratched an interior, and found a German gun. I found some canopy pieces that worked and heat smashed some more canopy pieces to make it work, I modified the front of the fuselage to take a radial engine and cowling from my junk box and found a prop and spinner to go with it.

The wingtips are from an ICM Spitfire, The tail unit is from a Special Hobby 1:72 Lockheed Lodestar. The floats are from a Modelcraft Noorduyn Norseman that I built as a land plane, and struts were scratch built from flattened aluminum tubing. I added a few other scratch built details, painted it and found enough Luftwaffe decals to finish it off. My lab assistant Igor gave it a jolt of electricity, and IT LIVES!

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  1. Extremely creative, very conceivably real, and a very nice job of bringing it all together!

  2. Brilliant and creative.

  3. Awesome! Thought this was a real plane when I first saw your headline. Well done!

  4. It lives and looks extremely attractive and inspiring, Chas!
    Excellent craftsmanship!

  5. Your imagination knows no bounds.

  6. A lot of these types of builds fall short of plausibility. This looks like an aircraft that really existed. Any thoughts on manufacturer and designation?

  7. That is really a creative imagination at work with a lot of modeling talent to turn it into actual plastic. As others noted, it definitely looks like something that could have existed.

  8. Wow, this looks fantastic, Chas @chasbunch
    Even combined with different scale parts, it looks like a real aircraft.
    Great craftsmanship.

  9. Wow! I thought this was an obscure prototype that I’d never heard of. Nice work.

  10. Too cool Chas @chasbunch! 😎 That is really creative and well done sir. And very "believable" too! That pic where the plane is tilted, just above the water, is killer man! 😁

  11. Yeaaa Baby! Chas, Now yer talking. What a great design. I agree never throw anything away.
    I have been to the place where your in between projects and there are {parts} that say things like, hey Chas, these could fit together. Super Bash,Cut,Trim,Fit,Modify,Bend,Melt,Sand Glue,Paint,and Dekkal convincing creation you have modeled. Even the CG looks correct.
    California Steve

  12. Oh, you shouldn't have 'fessed up!
    You could have run a "Can you identify this rare prototype?" gag going for weeks!
    Very nice!

  13. Impressive skill on display here! Congratulations Chas, it’s a fantastic project.

  14. What a great way to use the left overs. That looks like a genuine design. Top stuff Chas. πŸ‘

  15. Awesome skills and very creative, looks convincing!

  16. Way cool, and great modeling skill on display!

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