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A34 Comet

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I recently had to put all my other projects on hold. An old army friend of mine asked me if I could make an tank for him. As it has a time limit it's been pretty full on getting it ready for the presentation it's wanted for...

I've tried using for the first time and I like the effect it has achieved, so I'll be using this technique more often. The mud effect was made by using Mig pigments, with wet effects, with a second layer using the emulsion to thicken up the second layer and give it a texture. The green is Humbrol 159, which is now a discontinued shade. I sprayed it on in four very thin layers and built up to get a nice balance between and . The kit is completely OOB. I'll be using the crew figures which I'll be painting up in the next few days... pics to follow

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  1. @ianfoulk96 - Fantastic work Ian. The paint, weathering and mud all look incredibly realistic. The pre shading worked really well!

  2. What a great job, Ian!

  3. Nice work Ian.

  4. Really great job, I admire that you can turn out a really top job and then risk doing the weathering and all the pitfalls if you get it wrong - you didn't get it wrong.

  5. Very nice result, Ian @ianfoulk96
    The pre-shading did indeed came out perfectly, just like the rest of this build.

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    said on May 25, 2023

    Oh, you're doing amazing work on this kit. The paint, mud, and other weathering are first-rate.

    I want one of these new Comets for my collection.

  7. I’m sure your friend will be very pleased with this realistic result.

  8. Nice work, Ian. I’m glad I stocked up on Humbrol #159 for my British armor subjects.

    • Thanks John. Yes, I've stocked up as well! It's going to be interesting to see how well that shade also matches the green used with the Green and Black camouflage scheme. I normally use Humbrol 86 for that, but this might make for an interesting variation...

  9. Wow, thank you all for so much kind feedback.

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