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Airfix Sea Hurricane 1/48 scale

My inspiration for this model was a profile painting in Richard Franks' The Hawker , a truly fantastic compendium of information about the Hurricane. Check out all his exceptional books published by Valiant Press in the UK.

There was a profile in the book of a that participated in and crashed on the beach in Algeria on November 8, 1942.

As I understand it, in order to make the French believe that Torch was an all-American operation, the British insignias were painted over with the U.S. insignia blue circle and white star.

I had to build it, but all my usual sources for kits were out of stock. Then I read that all the parts for the Sea Hurricane were included on the sprues for the regular model of the Hurricane Mk I. And, the Hurricane was in stock, so I snapped it up. I rummaged through my leftover decal box, and I found the necessary markings.

Of great assistance in finishing this model was a masking set from in the Czech Republic. These masks are made of vinyl, and they worked perfectly. Highly recommended.

The paints are from Vallejo Model Air, and the decals came from my decal collection.

There is something about the new Airfix kits. They are always fun to build, and Airfix is bringing us modern kits of many subjects no other company is going to produce. I always enjoy them.

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  1. Really great looking Hurricane, Matt @matthewfdyer
    Beautiful paint and weathering result.

  2. Interesting story and a very nice build!
    Really like the subtle weathering. @matthewfdyer

  3. A really beautiful result, Matt!

  4. Lovely - very satisfying scheme and a nice presentation. The Hurricane looks great in that livery.

  5. Nice Hurricane, Matt!

  6. What a stunning beauty. These Airfix kits are so much fun!

  7. Well done Matt, great looking Hurricane. I too discovered all the parts needed for a Trop Hurricane were included in the Sea Hurricane box. That's how I did a Free French Trop Hurricane. Really nice paint job on your Sea Hurricane, I like it.

    • It is a rather nice and versatile kit. I prefer it to the Hasegawa series, of which I have built two - the Mk.I and the Mk IIc. Thanks, Tom.

  8. Nicely done! Love the markings you chose and the history behind them. I have really enjoyed all of the new Airfix kits that I've built as well- their P-51 is especially nice along with the Hurricane and Spitfire series.

    • This is my first Airfix Hurricane. I have done the Spitfire FR Mk. XIV, which was an excellent kit. So many choices in that line now! Thanks, David.

  9. It’s always great to see Airfix kits looking so good, Airfix is where it all started for so many of us. A 1/72 scale Airfix Hurricane must have been one of the first kits I built oh so many years ago.

    • Yes, it is great to see Airfix doing so well in modern times, just like they helped introduce us to the hobby in times past. Now, if they could just ask Tamiya and some others where they get their plastic...

  10. Well done, I really like the color scheme and the markings make it pop. Beautiful build!

  11. Looks great! I really like the Torch markings - just kinda stand out more than most. I also just finished a Sea Hurricane (1/72 Arma Hobby). The FAA version is a nice take on the venerable Hurricane!

  12. The Arma kits are fantastic, aren't they? I have built three of them, and I have the Hurribomber kit in the stash. They deserve all the accolades they are receiving.

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